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imperfect, flawless, perfect, unblemished


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How to pronounce flawed (audio)


Dictionary definition of flawed

Contains imperfections or shortcomings, undermining its overall quality, effectiveness, or integrity.
"The flawed diamond had visible imperfections and irregularities, diminishing its value."

Detailed meaning of flawed

When an object, system, or concept is flawed, it exhibits inherent weaknesses or defects that hinder its optimal functioning or desired outcome. These flaws may arise from errors in design, manufacturing, or implementation, resulting in vulnerabilities or limitations. A flawed argument or reasoning contains logical fallacies or inaccuracies, diminishing its validity or persuasiveness. Similarly, flawed characters in literature or film possess traits or behaviors that make them complex or morally compromised, adding depth and realism to their portrayal. Recognizing flaws allows for critical analysis, identification of areas for improvement, and the potential for growth and evolution.

Example sentences containing flawed

1. Despite its popularity, the theory is flawed and lacks substantial evidence.
2. His flawed logic led him to make poor decisions.
3. She returned the flawed dress to the store, as it had a tear in the seam.
4. The company acknowledged that their new software was flawed and promised to fix the bugs.
5. The flawed diamond was sold at a reduced price.
6. His flawed understanding of the rules resulted in a penalty during the game.

History and etymology of flawed

The adjective 'flawed' is directly derived from its noun counterpart, 'flaw.' As previously mentioned, 'flaw' has its roots in Old Norse and Old English, originally signifying a 'rock fragment' or 'splinter.' Over time, it metaphorically extended to describe imperfections or faults in various contexts. When the suffix '-ed' is added to 'flaw,' it transforms into 'flawed,' indicating that something contains imperfections or shortcomings, thereby undermining its overall quality, effectiveness, or integrity. The etymology of 'flawed' underscores its association with the idea of being marred by imperfections, highlighting its role in describing things or individuals with inherent flaws that may impact their performance or desirability.

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Further usage examples of flawed

1. The jury's flawed decision led to an appeal in the court case.
2. The experiment's flawed design was criticized by other researchers.
3. She recognized her flawed approach and decided to start over.
4. The flawed premise of the argument led to a heated debate.
5. Despite its flawed execution, the concept of the project was innovative.
6. The research paper was flawed due to its lack of a control group.
7. He learned to embrace his flawed but authentic self.
8. The flawed character in the novel made for an interesting protagonist.
9. The critics pointed out the flawed special effects in the movie.
10. His flawed performance in the match cost the team their victory.
11. The flawed economic policy led to an increase in inflation.
12. The proposal was flawed as it failed to consider the environmental impacts.
13. Their flawed plan led to the failure of the project.
14. The flawed system led to widespread dissatisfaction among employees.

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