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erroneous, correct, right, accurate


Prefix mis-, Suffix -en, TOEFL 11, High School 6, Unclear and Uncertain



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Dictionary definition of mistaken

Incorrect, wrong, or having a false understanding or belief about something.
"She made a mistaken assumption based on incomplete information."

Detailed meaning of mistaken

It describes a state of being misled, misunderstood, or confused, resulting in an erroneous perception or judgment. When someone is mistaken, they hold a belief or opinion that does not align with the facts, reality, or truth. Mistaken can also denote an act or assumption based on a misinterpretation, misapprehension, or misidentification of information or circumstances. It implies a lack of accuracy or precision in understanding, perceiving, or assessing a situation. Mistaken can refer to an honest error or misunderstanding, rather than an intentional act of deception. It is important to acknowledge and correct mistaken beliefs or assumptions to ensure accurate understanding and informed decision-making.

Example sentences containing mistaken

1. He was mistaken about the time of the meeting and arrived an hour early.
2. The witness's mistaken identification led to an innocent person being wrongly accused.
3. They held mistaken beliefs about the cause of the problem.
4. The mistaken notion that money guarantees happiness is widespread.
5. It was a mistaken understanding that led to their disagreement.
6. The mistaken interpretation of the data led to incorrect conclusions.

History and etymology of mistaken

The adjective 'mistaken' finds its origins in the merging of two linguistic elements. The first part, 'mistake,' comes from the Old Norse word 'mistaka,' meaning 'to take in error' or 'to misunderstand.' The second part, '-en,' is a suffix that is used to transform a verb into an adjective, indicating a state or condition. When combined, 'mistaken' conveys the state of being in error or having a false understanding or belief about something. Its etymology elegantly portrays the concept of being incorrect or wrong in one's perception or belief, emphasizing the idea of misunderstanding or taking something erroneously.

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Further usage examples of mistaken

1. I apologize for any mistaken impression my words may have given.
2. The mistaken diagnosis delayed proper treatment for the patient.
3. Her mistaken perception of his intentions caused unnecessary conflict.
4. We must correct the mistaken notion that success is solely determined by wealth.
5. The mistaken assumption that all snakes are venomous is not accurate.
6. She was mistaken about the location of the meeting.
7. His mistaken identity led to a case of confusion.
8. Mistaken assumptions can lead to poor decisions.
9. I was mistaken in my belief that he'd arrive on time.
10. Her mistaken perception of the situation caused anxiety.
11. Mistaken beliefs can be challenging to change.
12. Don't be mistaken; this path leads to dead-end.
13. The mistaken diagnosis delayed proper treatment.
14. Mistaken notions about success can be detrimental.
15. He was mistaken for his twin brother at the party.
16. I was mistaken in thinking the store was open late.
17. Mistaken translations can lead to communication errors.
18. Her mistaken idea of love led to heartbreak.
19. Don't be mistaken; this puzzle is quite challenging.
20. Their mistaken assumptions about me were hurtful.
21. He apologized for his mistaken comment during the meeting.
22. Mistaken memories can distort our understanding of the past.
23. I was mistaken in believing it would be an easy task.
24. Mistaken decisions can have far-reaching consequences.
25. Don't let mistaken pride get in the way of reconciliation.

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