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How to pronounce incensed (audio)

Dictionary definition of incensed

Extremely angry, outraged, or furious due to a perceived offense, injustice, or provocation.
"She was incensed by the lack of remorse for his actions."

Detailed meaning of incensed

When someone is incensed, they are extremely furious and agitated. They may express their anger through verbal or physical means, and may feel a strong desire to take action in response to what has angered them. The word "incensed" is often used to describe a powerful and intense reaction to something that is perceived as unfair, unjust, or wrong. Incensed can also describe a person who is deeply offended or outraged by something, for example, "I was incensed by the injustice of the situation." It is an emotion that is intense and hard to control, characterized by feelings of anger, frustration and even hatred. Incensed can also describe a situation where the anger is so high that it leads to violence and destruction, as an incensed crowd, or an incensed mob.

Example sentences containing incensed

1. The customers were incensed by the poor service at the restaurant.
2. The professor was incensed when he discovered his research had been plagiarized.
3. The fans were incensed by the referee's controversial decision.
4. The workers were incensed by the unfair treatment they received from their employer.
5. The community was incensed by the government's decision to cut funding for education.
6. The residents were incensed by the noise pollution caused by the construction site.

History and etymology of incensed

The adjective 'incensed' traces its roots to the Latin word 'incensus,' which is the past participle of 'incendere,' meaning 'to set on fire' or 'to inflame.' Over time, the word 'incensed' evolved to describe a state of extreme anger, outrage, or fury akin to a burning or inflamed emotion. When someone is 'incensed,' they are profoundly angered, often in response to a perceived offense, injustice, or provocation, and their emotions are so intense that it's as if they are ablaze with indignation and fury.

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Further usage examples of incensed

1. The employees were incensed when they found out about the company's unethical practices.
2. The students were incensed by the cancellation of their field trip.
3. The citizens were incensed by the politician's broken promises.
4. The customers were incensed by the exorbitant prices charged by the store.
5. The activists were incensed by the destruction of the natural habitat.
6. The homeowners were incensed by the constant littering in their neighborhood.
7. The audience was incensed by the offensive remarks made by the comedian.
8. The passengers were incensed by the airline's frequent delays.
9. The residents were incensed by the lack of action taken against the rising crime rates.
10. The employees were incensed by the sudden layoffs without any prior notice.
11. The parents were incensed by the school's failure to address the bullying issue.
12. The patients were incensed by the long wait times at the overcrowded hospital.
13. The environmentalists were incensed by the government's decision to approve the construction of a new coal plant.
14. The customers were incensed when they discovered their personal data had been compromised by a data breach.



enraged, pleased, delighted, calm


Behavior and Conduct, Crisis and Opposition, Sorrow and Strife, Emotional Turmoil and Tension, Reactions and Response, Anger and Hatred

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