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How to pronounce agitated (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'agitated'

Extreme restlessness, anxiety, or unease.
"The agitated driver honked the horn impatiently in heavy traffic."

Detailed meaning of 'agitated'

It denotes a heightened emotional or mental turmoil, often characterized by a sense of agitation, nervousness, or agitation. When someone is agitated, they may exhibit visible signs of distress such as fidgeting, pacing, or rapid speech. Their thoughts and emotions may be in a state of disarray, causing them to feel restless or on edge. Agitation can arise from various sources, including stress, fear, frustration, or anger, and it often manifests as an internal or external display of heightened agitation. Overall, "agitated" captures the state of being deeply unsettled, mentally or emotionally, and is associated with a heightened state of unrest or agitation.

History and etymology of 'agitated'

The adjective 'agitated' finds its etymological origins in the verb 'agitate.' It is formed by adding the suffix '-ed' to 'agitate.' As previously mentioned, 'agitate' comes from the Latin word 'agitare,' which means 'to set in motion' or 'to drive forward.' When 'agitated' is applied to a person or a state of being, it signifies extreme restlessness, anxiety, or unease. This adjective describes a condition where someone or something is in a state of heightened agitation, often characterized by nervousness, restlessness, and an inability to remain calm or still. Its etymology underscores the idea of being in a state of emotional or physical turmoil, emphasizing the restless and unsettled nature of agitated individuals or situations.

Example sentences containing 'agitated'

1. The crowd grew agitated as they waited for the delayed concert to start.
2. The agitated mother called the school repeatedly, concerned about her child's grades.
3. She stirred her coffee in an agitated manner, lost in her thoughts.
4. The agitated horse kicked against the stable door, sensing the impending storm.
5. His agitated speech reflected his frustration with the ongoing situation.
6. The investors were agitated by the sudden drop in the stock market.
7. The news of the store closing made the employees feel agitated.
8. As the hours passed, the family became increasingly agitated, waiting for news from the doctor.
9. She felt agitated all day, unable to shake off her bad mood.
10. His agitated state was obvious, he hadn't slept in days.
11. The protestors were agitated after the government's announcement to continue the controversial project.
12. The agitated bees swarmed around their disturbed hive.
13. She brushed her hair back in an agitated manner, nervous about the presentation.
14. The room was filled with agitated whispers after the shocking revelation.
15. The agitated dog paced back and forth, barking loudly.
16. Sarah's voice trembled as she spoke, revealing her agitated state.
17. The agitated crowd shouted and waved their signs in protest.
18. He grew increasingly agitated as the deadline approached, unable to concentrate.
19. The agitated sea churned with powerful waves during the storm.
20. The agitated child threw his toys across the room in frustration.
21. Jenna's agitated expression revealed her anxiety about the upcoming exam.



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