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How to pronounce livid (audio)

Dictionary definition of livid

Extremely angry or furious, often to the point of appearing physically discolored due to intense emotion.
"The coach was livid after the team lost their fifth consecutive game."

Detailed meaning of livid

When someone is described as livid, it signifies that they are not only angry but also visibly and intensely so, with their emotions manifesting physically through a pallid or ashen complexion. Additionally, "livid" can also be used to describe a dark bluish or purplish coloration, typically associated with severe bruising or injury. In this sense, it relates to the discoloration of skin or tissue due to trauma or damage. Therefore, "livid" captures both the emotional intensity of anger and the physical aspect of its manifestation or the appearance of severe injury or bruising.

Example sentences containing livid

1. She was livid when she found out her work had been plagiarized.
2. The coach was absolutely livid after the team's poor performance.
3. His livid expression showed his frustration with the broken computer.
4. The customer became livid when the product arrived damaged.
5. She was livid with her friend for spreading false rumors about her.
6. The manager's face turned livid when he saw the financial report.

History and etymology of livid

The adjective 'livid' has its roots in Latin and Old French. It can be traced back to the Latin word 'lividus,' which means 'bluish' or 'ashen,' often used to describe the color of bruises. In Old French, it evolved into 'livide,' still referring to a bluish or bruised appearance. Over time, the term 'livid' in English came to be associated with the discoloration of the skin caused by intense emotion, particularly anger or fury. When someone is described as 'livid,' it conveys that they are not only extremely angry but also to the point of appearing physically discolored or pale due to the intensity of their emotions. This word vividly captures the idea of anger so intense that it seems to affect one's complexion.

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Further usage examples of livid

1. He was livid that his proposal was rejected without proper consideration.
2. The actress was livid about the tabloid's false story about her.
3. The homeowner was livid when he discovered his property had been vandalized.
4. Her livid reaction to the news indicated how upset she was.
5. The employee was livid after being unfairly passed over for a promotion.
6. The customer service representative had to deal with a livid caller.
7. The student was livid when his project partner didn't contribute at all.
8. The chef was livid when the kitchen staff made a major mistake.
9. His livid response to the criticism showed how seriously he took it.
10. The politician's livid speech condemned the government's actions.
11. She was livid with herself for missing such an important event.
12. The passenger was livid when the airline lost his luggage.
13. The teacher became livid when students were caught cheating on the exam.
14. The investor was livid about the sudden drop in stock prices.



enraged, calm, pleased, delighted


GRE 9 (Graduate Record Examination), Personality and Character Traits, Gloom and Unpleasantness, Emotional Intensity and Reactions, Reactions and Response, Anger and Hatred

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