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Definition of 'inception'

The moment or point in time at which something begins, commences, or comes into existence.
"The team worked tirelessly from project inception to completion."

Detailed Meaning of 'inception'

It signifies the initial stage or starting point of a process, project, idea, or event. 'Inception' often carries the connotation of a significant and often critical beginning, highlighting the birth or initiation of something noteworthy or substantial. It is a term frequently used to describe the birth of creative projects like a film's production, the launch of a new business venture, or the birth of an idea or movement. 'Inception' emphasizes the idea of origin and the crucial nature of that initial moment, setting the stage for what follows and laying the groundwork for subsequent developments.


Examples of 'inception' in a Sentence

1. The project was in its inception stage and required a lot of planning.
2. The idea for the company came to him at its inception.
3. The movie's plot revolved around the inception of the main character's plan.
4. The technology was in its inception phase, and it was still being developed.
5. The inception of the new policy caused some confusion among employees.
6. The company was founded at its inception, with a small team of employees.

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Origins & Etymology of 'inception'

The noun 'inception' has an etymology that can be traced back to Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'inceptio,' which means 'beginning' or 'undertaking.' This Latin term is related to the verb 'incipere,' meaning 'to begin' or 'to commence.' 'Inception' entered the English language in the 15th century and is used to refer to the moment or point in time at which something begins, commences, or comes into existence. Its etymology underscores the idea of starting or commencing something, as implied by its Latin origins in 'inceptio' and 'incipere,' highlighting the critical juncture where an idea, project, or process is set in motion.


How to pronounce inception (audio)


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