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How to pronounce infancy (audio)


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Dictionary definition of infancy

The beginning or nascent phase of a process, idea, or entity.
"The startup company faced many challenges in its infancy but eventually grew into a successful business."


Detailed meaning of infancy

It refers to a period of initial or early stages. Just as human infants require nurturing and support to thrive, the concept of infancy conveys a time when a project, organization, or concept is in its formative stages and requires careful attention and guidance to grow and mature. It represents a stage of fragility, vulnerability, and potential, where foundational structures and frameworks are established. Infancy often involves trial and error, exploration, and experimentation as the entity gains its footing and defines its purpose. During this stage, the trajectory and future outcomes of the entity are shaped, laying the groundwork for subsequent development and growth.

Example sentences containing infancy

1. The scientific discovery was in its infancy, with researchers still exploring its potential applications.
2. The field of artificial intelligence was in its infancy when pioneers first began developing early algorithms.
3. The musical prodigy showed exceptional talent even in his infancy, captivating audiences with his performances.
4. The city's infrastructure was in its infancy, with basic roads and limited public services.
5. The artist's unique style began to emerge during the infancy of their career, setting them apart from others in their field.
6. The technology underwent significant improvements in its infancy, evolving into a more sophisticated and user-friendly product.

History and etymology of infancy

The noun 'infancy' traces its etymological roots to Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'infantia,' which is a combination of 'in' (meaning 'not') and 'fari' (meaning 'to speak'). Thus, the etymology of 'infancy' implies a state of not being able to speak, emphasizing the early stages of life when a child is unable to communicate through speech. Over time, this term's meaning broadened to encompass the beginning or nascent phase of any process, idea, or entity, not just limited to the literal infancy of a child. It signifies a period characterized by inexperience and initial development, as we understand it in contemporary language.

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Further usage examples of infancy

1. The initial concept for the novel took shape during its infancy, gradually evolving into a complex and compelling storyline.
2. The environmental movement was still in its infancy, with activists working tirelessly to raise awareness and promote conservation.
3. The early stages of a relationship are often referred to as its infancy, filled with excitement and exploration.
4. The political party faced many obstacles in its infancy, struggling to gain support and establish a solid voter base.
5. The field of genetics was in its infancy when scientists first began unraveling the mysteries of DNA.
6. In the infancy of their relationship, sparks flew between them.
7. The internet was in its infancy when I first started using it.
8. Infancy is a delicate time for a startup company.
9. The project showed promise even in its infancy.
10. His talent for music was evident even in infancy.
11. Science fiction was in its infancy as a genre back then.
12. The idea was born in the infancy of our brainstorming session.
13. During the infancy of space exploration, anything seemed possible.
14. The art form was still in its infancy at that point.
15. They faced many challenges in the infancy of their business.
16. In the infancy of her career, she faced rejection but persisted.
17. The technology has evolved significantly since its infancy.
18. The concept of democracy was in its infancy at that time.
19. Infancy is a critical stage in a child's development.
20. The infancy of a friendship is always exciting.
21. The sport was in its infancy, lacking proper rules and equipment.
22. The idea was nurtured from infancy to become a reality.
23. We're witnessing the infancy of a new era in medicine.
24. His skills were honed since infancy, making him a prodigy.
25. The field of artificial intelligence was in its infancy when I began studying it.



early stage, maturity, adulthood, ripeness


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