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How to pronounce incessant (audio)

Dictionary definition of incessant

Continuing without pause or interruption, often to the point of becoming annoying or exhausting.
"The dog's incessant barking annoyed the neighbors."

Detailed meaning of incessant

It implies a state of ongoing and uninterrupted activity or noise, and suggests that the thing in question is relentless or unyielding. For example, an incessant noise might be a continuous and irritating sound that goes on for hours, while incessant rain might be a continuous and heavy downpour that lasts for days. The term 'incessant' can also be used to describe a particular behavior or habit that is ongoing and persistent, such as incessant talking or complaining. Overall, the term 'incessant' is used to describe something that continues without pause or interruption, and that is often perceived as annoying or exhausting due to its unrelenting nature.

Example sentences containing incessant

1. The incessant rain ruined our plans for a picnic.
2. The baby's incessant crying kept the whole household awake.
3. The teacher grew tired of the students' incessant chatter during class.
4. The construction noise outside my window was incessant, making it difficult to concentrate.
5. The dog's incessant barking annoyed the neighbors.
6. The politician faced incessant criticism from the opposition party.

History and etymology of incessant

The adjective 'incessant' has its etymology rooted in Latin. It originates from the Latin word 'incessans,' which is the present participle of 'incessare,' a combination of 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'cessare,' meaning 'to cease' or 'to stop.' Therefore, 'incessant' etymologically conveys the idea of something 'not ceasing' or 'continuing without interruption.' In its modern usage, 'incessant' accurately describes actions, sounds, or occurrences that persist continuously and without pause, often to the point of becoming annoying or exhausting due to their unrelenting nature. The etymology of 'incessant' underscores its core concept of a lack of cessation, highlighting the uninterrupted and incessant nature of the subject at hand.

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Further usage examples of incessant

1. The company's incessant advertising campaign made it hard to escape their products.
2. The alarm clock's incessant beeping finally woke me up from a deep sleep.
3. The child's incessant questioning tested the patience of his parents.
4. The mosquito's incessant buzzing was driving me crazy.
5. The car's incessant engine noise indicated a mechanical problem.
6. The CEO's incessant demands put a lot of pressure on the employees.
7. The student's incessant procrastination resulted in poor grades.
8. The writer experienced an incessant flow of ideas, making it hard to focus on one project.
9. The teenager's incessant use of social media consumed most of her free time.
10. The bird's incessant chirping created a peaceful ambiance in the garden.
11. The coworker's incessant complaining created a negative atmosphere in the office.
12. The band's music played incessantly on the radio, becoming an instant hit.
13. The traffic in the city was incessant, causing long delays during rush hour.
14. The athlete's incessant training paid off when he won the championship.



unending, sporadic, occasional, intermittent


Suffix -ant, SAT 2 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Middle School 3, Problematic and Annoying

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