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comprehensive, exclusive, selective, restrictive


ACT 1 (American College Testing), High School 2, Culture and Society



How to pronounce inclusive (audio)


Dictionary definition of inclusive

Characterized by the inclusion of all individuals, regardless of their differences or backgrounds.
"The community center organized inclusive activities that catered to people of all ages and abilities."

Detailed meaning of inclusive

It signifies an environment, policy, or approach that embraces diversity, promotes equal opportunities, and ensures that everyone feels welcome and valued. Being inclusive means recognizing and respecting the uniqueness of each individual and actively working towards breaking down barriers and creating an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging. Inclusive practices are commonly associated with fostering diversity, equity, and accessibility, ensuring that everyone has an equal chance to participate, contribute, and benefit. In an inclusive society, people of various races, genders, ethnicities, religions, abilities, and orientations are embraced, their voices are heard, and their needs are considered. It goes beyond mere tolerance and seeks to actively celebrate and engage with differences, fostering a sense of unity and shared humanity.

Example sentences containing inclusive

1. The company promotes an inclusive workplace culture that values diversity.
2. The school organized an inclusive event that welcomed students from all backgrounds.
3. The conference aimed to create an inclusive environment where everyone's perspectives were valued.
4. The government implemented inclusive policies to ensure equal rights and opportunities for all citizens.
5. The club adopted an inclusive membership policy to welcome individuals from different walks of life.
6. The organization provided inclusive training programs to educate employees on diversity and inclusion.

History and etymology of inclusive

The adjective 'inclusive' derives its etymology from the Latin word 'inclusivus,' which is formed from the root 'includere,' meaning 'to include' or 'to enclose.' 'Includere' is a compound of 'in,' which signifies 'in' or 'into,' and 'cludere,' meaning 'to close' or 'to shut.' Therefore, the etymology of 'inclusive' reflects the idea of encompassing or enclosing individuals within a group or community, emphasizing the act of bringing people together, regardless of their differences or backgrounds. This word has evolved to signify a crucial concept of welcoming and embracing diversity and promoting unity and togetherness.

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Further usage examples of inclusive

1. The museum curated an inclusive exhibit that showcased artists from diverse cultural backgrounds.
2. The sports team emphasized an inclusive approach, focusing on teamwork and collaboration.
3. The nonprofit organization's mission was to create an inclusive society that supports marginalized communities.
4. The company's marketing campaign aimed to be inclusive, featuring people from various ethnicities and backgrounds.
5. The university implemented inclusive admissions policies to ensure a diverse student body.
6. The government launched an inclusive education program to provide equal educational opportunities for all students.
7. The fashion brand introduced inclusive sizing, offering a range of options for people of different body types.
8. The city council worked towards building an inclusive community by involving residents in decision-making processes.
9. The inclusive school welcomes students of all abilities with open arms.
10. The company's hiring policy is proudly diverse and inclusive.
11. The conference promotes an inclusive atmosphere for all attendees.
12. An inclusive curriculum ensures every student's needs are met.
13. The neighborhood association strives to be inclusive of all residents.
14. In an inclusive society, discrimination has no place.
15. The sports club is committed to being inclusive to all athletes.
16. An inclusive workplace values employees' unique perspectives.
17. The museum's exhibits showcase an inclusive view of history.
18. An inclusive community center hosts events for everyone.
19. Inclusive legislation protects the rights of all citizens.
20. The team's success is a result of its inclusive approach.
21. Inclusive policies promote equality and fairness for all.
22. The festival promotes an inclusive celebration of culture.
23. An inclusive church welcomes worshippers from all backgrounds.
24. Inclusive language fosters understanding and respect in communication.

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