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How to pronounce inconspicuous (audio)

Dictionary definition of inconspicuous

Not easily noticeable or attracting little attention due to a discreet or unobtrusive nature.
"He tried to be inconspicuous as he followed the suspect."

Detailed meaning of inconspicuous

In everyday life, inconspicuous objects or individuals blend seamlessly into their surroundings, making them difficult to spot or identify. This quality is often sought after when aiming to maintain a low profile, avoid drawing attention, or simply remain unnoticed. For example, an inconspicuous spy might be someone who seamlessly fits into a crowd without raising suspicion, or an inconspicuous piece of furniture could be designed to blend into a room's decor without being the center of attention.

Example sentences containing inconspicuous

1. The spy tried to remain inconspicuous in the crowded train station.
2. She wore an inconspicuous outfit to blend in with the crowd.
3. The security guard remained inconspicuous while observing the area.
4. The small hole in the wall was inconspicuous and went unnoticed for weeks.
5. The undercover police officer disguised himself in an inconspicuous manner.
6. The valuable painting was hidden in an inconspicuous location to avoid theft.

History and etymology of inconspicuous

The adjective 'inconspicuous' has its etymological origins in Latin and English. It is formed by adding the prefix 'in-' (meaning 'not') to the word 'conspicuous,' which comes from the Latin word 'conspicuus,' derived from 'conspicere,' meaning 'to behold' or 'to see.' In essence, 'inconspicuous' literally means 'not easily seen' or 'not readily noticeable.' It describes something that attracts little attention due to its discreet or unobtrusive nature. This etymology highlights the idea of not standing out or being hidden from view, which is fundamental to the concept of being inconspicuous.

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Further usage examples of inconspicuous

1. The inconspicuous sign led us to the hidden gem of a restaurant.
2. The detective followed the suspect from an inconspicuous distance.
3. The inconspicuous camera captured the secret meeting without raising suspicion.
4. The inconspicuous house on the corner didn't attract much attention.
5. The stolen item was cleverly concealed in an inconspicuous bag.
6. The hacker left inconspicuous traces to avoid detection.
7. The pickpocket skillfully targeted inconspicuous victims in crowded areas.
8. The security system was designed to be inconspicuous, blending seamlessly with the surroundings.
9. The spy's inconspicuous behavior made it difficult for anyone to suspect their true identity.
10. The insect's camouflage allowed it to remain inconspicuous in its natural habitat.
11. The inconspicuous stain on the carpet went unnoticed until it became a larger problem.
12. The inconspicuous watermark on the document ensured its authenticity.
13. The inconspicuous entrance to the secret club required a special password.
14. The inconspicuous noise in the background became part of the ambient soundscape.



unnoticeable, conspicuous, noticeable, prominent


SAT 20 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Middle School 2, Subtle and Indirect

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