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How to pronounce individualistic (audio)

Dictionary definition of individualistic

Individuality, independence, and self-reliance.
"The artist's style is highly individualistic, showcasing unique and innovative techniques."

Detailed meaning of individualistic

It describes a person or a group that places a high value on personal freedom, autonomy, and individual decision-making. Individualistic individuals tend to prioritize their own goals, desires, and interests over collective or societal expectations. They often exhibit a strong sense of self and seek to assert their unique identity and perspectives. Individualistic behavior can manifest in various ways, such as pursuing personal ambitions, making independent choices, and expressing one's own opinions and beliefs. This trait is often associated with societies or cultures that value individual rights and liberties, as well as with personal achievements and self-expression. However, excessive individualism can also lead to a disregard for communal values or a lack of consideration for the needs and well-being of others.

Example sentences containing individualistic

1. Sarah has always been an individualistic person, preferring to march to the beat of her own drum.
2. In a collectivist society, individualistic ideals may be viewed as unconventional or selfish.
3. The team struggled due to the clash between their individualistic players and the need for collaboration.
4. Jack's individualistic approach to problem-solving often leads to creative and out-of-the-box solutions.
5. The school encourages an individualistic learning environment, where students can explore their own interests.
6. Amy's individualistic fashion sense sets her apart from the rest, with her bold and unconventional choices.

History and etymology of individualistic

The adjective 'individualistic' is derived from the noun 'individual,' which has its origins in Latin. 'Individual' comes from 'individuus,' a word formed by combining 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'dividuus,' meaning 'divisible' or 'separable.' Therefore, the etymology of 'individualistic' conveys the concept of emphasizing the individual as 'not divisible' or 'not separable' from the larger group or society. It describes a perspective or approach that places a strong emphasis on individuality, independence, and self-reliance. An individualistic mindset values personal freedom, autonomy, and uniqueness, and it is often associated with a preference for self-expression and self-determination over conformity to group norms or collective values. This term underscores the importance of individual identity and the belief in the autonomy of the self.

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Further usage examples of individualistic

1. The organization promotes an individualistic work culture, allowing employees to take ownership of their projects.
2. John's individualistic nature often leads him to prioritize personal goals over group objectives.
3. The novel's protagonist is portrayed as a rebellious and individualistic character, challenging societal norms.
4. The political party advocates for individualistic rights and limited government intervention.
5. The coach appreciates the individualistic skills of the players, as they bring unique strengths to the team.
6. Her individualistic style set her apart in the fashion industry.
7. The artist's work reflected a unique and individualistic vision.
8. Individualistic thinkers often challenge the status quo.
9. In a society that values conformity, his individualistic choices were refreshing.
10. Their individualistic approach to problem-solving yielded creative solutions.
11. The school encourages students to develop their individualistic talents.
12. He was known for his fiercely individualistic spirit.
13. The team's success was driven by the individualistic contributions of its members.
14. Individualistic entrepreneurs often thrive in the business world.
15. The community celebrated diversity and individualistic expression.
16. She embraced an individualistic philosophy of life.
17. His individualistic mindset made him a natural leader.
18. Individualistic decisions can sometimes lead to isolation.
19. The author's novels reflected a deep sense of individualistic freedom.
20. In the world of art, individualistic perspectives are highly valued.
21. Individualistic choices can be empowering but come with responsibilities.
22. The individualistic nature of the sport appealed to him.
23. Their individualistic lifestyles made for interesting conversations.
24. The company encourages an individualistic approach to problem-solving.
25. An individualistic outlook can lead to personal growth and fulfillment.



independent, conformist, dependent, communal


SAT 13 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Admiration and Respect, High School 8

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