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independent, dependent, controlled, subordinate



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Dictionary definition of autonomous

Having the ability to function independently and self-govern without external control or influence.
"The city is seeking to establish more autonomous decision-making powers."

Detailed meaning of autonomous

It refers to a situation where something is able to operate or function without the need for constant input or guidance from others. An autonomous system may be characterized by the ability to make decisions on its own, and to adapt and respond to changing circumstances without external intervention. The term 'autonomous' can also be used to describe a person who is able to function independently and self-sufficiently, without the need for constant supervision or guidance. Overall, the term 'autonomous' is used to describe something that is self-governing, self-sufficient, and able to function independently without external control or influence.

Example sentences of autonomous

1. The drone is capable of performing autonomous missions.
2. The autonomous car uses sensors to navigate the road safely.
3. The company is developing an autonomous delivery system.
4. The robot was programmed to function in an autonomous manner.
5. The country is striving for greater economic autonomy.
6. The team is working on a project to create a fully autonomous system.

History and etymology of autonomous

The adjective 'autonomous' has its etymological origins in Greek. It is formed from the Greek words 'auto' (meaning 'self') and 'nomos' (meaning 'law' or 'rule'). When combined, 'autonomous' literally means 'self-governing' or 'self-ruling.' In its original Greek context, it was used to describe city-states or regions with the authority to govern themselves independently, without external control. As the term entered the English language, it retained this essence of self-sufficiency and the ability to function independently. 'Autonomous' now characterizes entities, systems, or organizations that have the capacity to operate and make decisions on their own, without relying on external influence or authority. Therefore, the etymology of 'autonomous' underscores its use as an adjective to signify self-governance and the capacity for independent action and decision-making.

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Further usage examples of autonomous

1. The individual values their personal autonomy and independence.
2. The organization is committed to promoting autonomy in the workplace.
3. The system is designed to operate autonomously in response to specific conditions.
4. The patient has requested an autonomous decision-making process.
5. The research focuses on the development of autonomous technology for various applications.
6. Autonomous vehicles are at the forefront of technological innovation, promising safer and more efficient transportation systems.
7. The robot is programmed to operate autonomously, relying on its sophisticated algorithms to make decisions independently.
8. The region declared itself an autonomous territory, asserting its right to self-governance and cultural preservation.
9. The spacecraft is equipped with autonomous systems that enable it to navigate and conduct scientific research in deep space.
10. He's known for being an autonomous thinker, unswayed by external pressures or popular opinion, always following his own principles.
11. The drone utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to fly autonomously, adapting to changing conditions in real-time.
12. The university has multiple autonomous departments, each managing its budget and academic affairs independently.
13. The city boasts an autonomous public transportation system, incorporating self-driving buses and trains for efficient urban mobility.
14. The robot vacuum is designed to autonomously navigate and clean a house, providing a hands-free cleaning experience.
15. The company fosters an autonomous work culture, empowering employees to take ownership of their projects and decisions.
16. In the wild, some animals exhibit autonomous behavior, adapting to their environments and making independent choices for survival.
17. Autonomous machines are integral to modern manufacturing processes, streamlining production and improving efficiency.
18. The AI system has the capability to generate autonomous responses, engaging in natural conversations with users.
19. The self-driving car can autonomously navigate complex traffic situations, relying on sensors and machine learning algorithms.
20. The colony operates as an autonomous entity within the larger society, with its own rules and governance structure.
21. Autonomous decision-making is a sign of maturity, reflecting the ability to assess situations and make choices independently.
22. The device is equipped with an autonomous power source, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in remote locations.
23. The region has an autonomous government, responsible for local administration and policy-making within its jurisdiction.
24. The drone can autonomously survey large areas of land, making it valuable for agricultural and environmental monitoring.
25. Autonomous robots play a crucial role in various industries, assisting with complex tasks such as assembly, inspection, and maintenance.



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