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How to pronounce inescapable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of inescapable

Cannot be avoided, evaded, or escaped from.
"The inescapable heat of the desert sun was draining our energy by the minute."

Detailed meaning of inescapable

It emphasizes the absence of any possibility to elude or elicit freedom from a particular situation, circumstance, or consequence. When something is deemed inescapable, it suggests a certainty or inevitability, leaving no room for escape or avoidance. This adjective is often used to characterize situations, events, or conditions that are unavoidable, undeniable, or bound to occur. It conveys a sense of being trapped, unable to find a way out or overcome the situation at hand. Inescapable circumstances can be physical, emotional, or even metaphorical, encompassing a broad range of contexts. Whether it refers to the inescapable reality of aging, the inescapable consequences of one's actions, or the inescapable truth of a situation, this adjective emphasizes the undeniable nature of the subject, leaving no room for evasion or avoidance.

Example sentences containing inescapable

1. The inescapable truth is that we all need to work together to solve this problem.
2. She felt an inescapable sense of dread as the storm clouds gathered.
3. The charm of the old city is inescapable; it captures the hearts of all who visit.
4. In this situation, taking some risks is inescapable if you want to make progress.
5. With the evidence laid out before him, the conclusion was inescapable.
6. The film’s inescapable atmosphere of suspense keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

History and etymology of inescapable

The adjective 'inescapable' is constructed from the combination of the prefix 'in-' (meaning 'not') and the word 'escapable.' The word 'escapable' itself is derived from the verb 'escape,' which comes from the Middle English word 'escapen,' and ultimately from the Old North French word 'escaper' and the Vulgar Latin 'excappare.' These Latin roots include 'ex' (meaning 'out of') and 'cappa' (meaning 'a cape' or 'a covering'). Therefore, the etymology of 'inescapable' signifies something that cannot be escaped or avoided, emphasizing its inherent quality of being unevadable or inevitable, as we understand it in modern usage.

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Further usage examples of inescapable

1. Her inescapable charisma made her the center of attention wherever she went.
2. There was an inescapable air of nostalgia in the room as they sorted through old photographs.
3. Given the circumstances, his resignation was an inescapable necessity.
4. The inescapable beauty of the mountains is breathtaking and awe-inspiring.
5. As technology advances, its inescapable influence on our daily lives continues to grow.
6. An inescapable fate awaits, shadowing your every move with silent persistence.
7. The truth was inescapable; she realized it with a mixed sense of dread and awe.
8. His gaze met the horizon, where an inescapable storm brewed ominously.
9. In the silent room, her loud thoughts were an inescapable, haunting melody.
10. The inescapable realization of our mortality shapes human existence profoundly.
11. His eyes revealed an inescapable sorrow, a soul touched by life’s harsh hand.
12. In the forest's depths, an inescapable enigma unfolded, enchanting yet eerie.
13. We're bound by time’s inescapable grip, a dance of seconds, days, years.
14. In this infinite universe, the inescapable truth is our insignificant existence.
15. With every step forward, an inescapable shadow of doubt followed him.
16. Mountains loomed, their inescapable majesty casting a spell of awe and terror.
17. In dreams, we confront the inescapable demons lurking within our subconscious.
18. Beneath the city's glimmer, an inescapable network of secrets wove its tale.
19. Inescapable change is life’s constant, a dance of creation and decay.
20. He wore an inescapable smile, reflecting an inner world of peace and joy.
21. The inescapable gravity of the black hole lured stars into its dark embrace.
22. Amid the noise, her inescapable silence echoed the loudest, speaking volumes.
23. Every soul meets an inescapable end, a conclusion to the journey of life.
24. Inescapable love, like a wild river, flows fiercely, shaping hearts and souls.
25. The artist’s inescapable vision bled into every stroke, color, and texture.



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