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How to pronounce ingest (audio)

Dictionary definition of ingest

To take in or consume food, drink, or other substances through the mouth.
"The snake used its powerful jaws to ingest the large rodent."

Detailed meaning of ingest

It involves the process of introducing substances into the body for digestion, absorption, and assimilation. When a person ingests something, they swallow or consume it, allowing it to enter the digestive system. Ingestion is a vital part of the nourishment process, as it enables the body to acquire nutrients, energy, and hydration from the ingested substances. This verb can be applied to various contexts, including eating a meal, drinking a beverage, or even taking medication. Ingestion plays a significant role in maintaining a person's overall health and well-being by providing essential sustenance for bodily functions and growth.

Example sentences containing ingest

1. The baby will ingest the nourishing milk.
2. The scientist will ingest the experimental drug for analysis.
3. The predator will ingest its prey after the hunt.
4. The herbivore will ingest plants and grass for sustenance.
5. The fish will ingest the tiny organisms in the water.
6. The bird will ingest worms and insects as its food.

History and etymology of ingest

The verb 'ingest' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'ingerere,' which combines 'in' (meaning 'into') and 'gerere' (meaning 'to carry' or 'to bring'). Therefore, the etymology of 'ingest' essentially means 'to bring something into oneself.' Originally, it described the action of taking in or consuming food, drink, or other substances through the mouth, emphasizing the process of introducing something into the body for nourishment or other purposes. Over time, the term has continued to signify the act of consuming substances orally, reflecting its modern usage in the context of eating, drinking, or taking in various materials through the mouth.

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Further usage examples of ingest

1. The patient will ingest the prescribed medication.
2. The mammal will ingest fruits and berries for nutrition.
3. The reptile will ingest small rodents for its meal.
4. The athlete will carefully ingest the energy drink for a boost.
5. The insect will ingest nectar from flowers.
6. The forager will ingest mushrooms and edible plants.
7. The snake will ingest its prey whole.
8. The herbivorous dinosaur will ingest vegetation to survive.
9. The consumer will ingest a variety of food groups for a balanced diet.
10. The omnivore will ingest both plant and animal matter.
11. The organism will ingest nutrients from its environment.
12. The scavenger will ingest carrion for sustenance.
13. The bee will ingest pollen from flowers to produce honey.
14. The grazing animal will ingest grass to meet its nutritional needs.



consume, abstain, avoid, reject


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