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integrate, segregate, isolate, exclude



How to pronounce assimilate (audio)

Dictionary definition of assimilate

To absorb and integrate information, ideas, or people into a culture or society.
"He was able to assimilate the language quickly."

Detailed meaning of assimilate

It implies the act of adopting and incorporating something or someone into a group or society, making it part of the existing culture. The term can be used to describe the process of a person or a group of people adopting the customs, values, and norms of a new culture or society. It can also refer to the process of a society or a culture absorbing new information, ideas or technologies. The term can be used in various contexts, both personal and societal. In the context of an individual, it can refer to the process of adapting to a new culture or language. In the context of a community or society, it can refer to the process of a culture or society absorbing new customs, ideas or technologies. In general, when something or someone is described as being assimilated, it implies the act of adopting and incorporating something or someone into a group or society and refers to the act of absorbing and integrating information, ideas, or people into a culture or society.

Example sentences of assimilate

1. New employees will need to assimilate the company's culture quickly.
2. The immigrants will strive to assimilate the language and customs of their new country.
3. He will try to assimilate the vast amount of information before the exam.
4. To excel, a programmer must assimilate new coding languages effectively.
5. The chef will assimilate flavors from different cuisines to create a unique dish.
6. You will have to assimilate new technologies to stay competitive in the digital age.

History and etymology of assimilate

The verb 'assimilate' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'assimilare,' which means 'to make similar' or 'to liken.' 'Assimilate' describes the action of absorbing and integrating information, ideas, or people into a culture or society, with the intent of making them similar or harmonious with the existing norms and values. The term embodies the process of adaptation and inclusion, emphasizing the transformation of newcomers or foreign concepts into a cohesive whole. 'Assimilate' is often used in discussions of immigration, social integration, and cultural exchange, highlighting the dynamic nature of societies as they evolve through the incorporation of diverse elements. It reflects the human capacity to embrace and incorporate new ideas and individuals into a broader cultural tapestry while fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

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Further usage examples of assimilate

1. As part of their training, the recruits will assimilate military procedures and protocols.
2. The students will strive to assimilate complex mathematical concepts.
3. The body must assimilate the nutrients from food to maintain health.
4. Artists will often assimilate influences from their surroundings into their work.
5. For effective global communication, businesses must assimilate cultural differences.
6. The research team will assimilate data from various sources for the study.
7. The writer will assimilate personal experiences into her novels.
8. The plant will assimilate sunlight for photosynthesis.
9. The child will quickly assimilate the new vocabulary words.
10. The orchestra will assimilate musicians from different countries for the global concert.
11. The company will assimilate feedback from its customers to improve its services.
12. An efficient economy should be able to assimilate changes in market demand.
13. The sports team will assimilate strategies from successful teams in their training.
14. The team will assimilate the lessons learned from previous projects into their current work.


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