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How to pronounce inhabit (audio)

Dictionary definition of inhabit

To live or occupy a place, usually referring to a specific location or environment.
"Many species of birds inhabit the dense forests of this region."

Detailed meaning of inhabit

When something or someone inhabits a particular space, it means they reside, dwell, or make that place their home. Inhabiting implies a more permanent or sustained presence rather than a temporary or transient state. It involves actively occupying or settling in an area, establishing a habitat or residence. The verb "inhabit" can be applied to various contexts, including the natural world, where certain species inhabit specific ecosystems or habitats, or in the context of human populations, referring to people living in cities, towns, or regions. It signifies a connection between an organism or individual and their chosen or designated living space, emphasizing the relationship between an entity and its environment.

Example sentences containing inhabit

1. Many rare species inhabit the Amazon rainforest.
2. Penguins inhabit the cold regions of Antarctica.
3. Numerous different cultures inhabit this vibrant city.
4. The island is known to inhabit a unique species of bird.
5. Numerous microorganisms inhabit our bodies and help maintain our health.
6. Native tribes used to inhabit these lands hundreds of years ago.

History and etymology of inhabit

The verb 'inhabit' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'inhabitare,' which is a combination of 'in' (meaning 'in') and 'habitare' (meaning 'to dwell' or 'to live in'). Therefore, the etymology of 'inhabit' essentially means 'to live in' or 'to dwell within.' Originally, it described the act of living or occupying a particular place, typically referring to a specific location or environment. Over time, the term has retained this fundamental meaning, representing the action of residing in a specific area or habitat, as we commonly use it in contemporary language to describe where people, animals, or organisms make their homes.

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Further usage examples of inhabit

1. Spirits are believed to inhabit this old mansion according to local folklore.
2. A variety of fish species inhabit these coral reefs.
3. Elephants and tigers inhabit the dense forests of India.
4. Many artists and writers inhabit this bohemian neighborhood.
5. Many interesting characters inhabit the pages of this novel.
6. Endangered species inhabit the national park, making it a crucial area for conservation.
7. A community of monks inhabit the secluded monastery.
8. Several types of bacteria inhabit our gut and aid in digestion.
9. Some of the world's most dangerous predators inhabit the African Savannah.
10. Migratory birds inhabit the lake area during the winter months.
11. Will more businesses inhabit the new downtown complex?
12. Whales and dolphins inhabit the deep waters off this coast.
13. Various insects inhabit the old, hollow tree.
14. Different ethnic groups inhabit the multicultural city, making it a place of diverse traditions and cuisines.



reside, vacate, abandon, leave


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