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How to pronounce iniquitous (audio)


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Dictionary definition of iniquitous

Characterized by extreme immorality, wickedness, or gross injustice.
"The iniquitous nature of his crimes shocked even the most seasoned detectives."

Detailed meaning of iniquitous

When something is deemed iniquitous, it signifies a profound departure from accepted moral or ethical standards, often involving actions that are blatantly unfair, oppressive, or morally reprehensible. Iniquitous behavior or practices can result in harm, suffering, or exploitation of individuals or groups and are typically met with strong condemnation. This term emphasizes the gravity of the wrongdoing, highlighting actions that are not just unethical but deeply and outrageously unjust. In essence, "iniquitous" conveys a sense of extreme moral corruption and wrongdoing that stands in stark contrast to principles of fairness, justice, and righteousness.

Example sentences containing iniquitous

1. The iniquitous conditions in the factories led to the deaths of many workers.
2. The city was known for its iniquitous rulers, leading its citizens in fear and anger.
3. She found herself caught up in a web of iniquitous deception.
4. This iniquitous system has left millions in poverty while benefiting only a few.
5. Under the veil of night, the iniquitous actions of the gang went unnoticed.
6. His iniquitous deeds were finally brought to light, sending shivers down the spine of the community.

History and etymology of iniquitous

The adjective 'iniquitous' has its origins in Latin. It derives from the Latin word 'iniquus,' which combines 'in-' meaning 'not' or 'un-' with 'aequus,' meaning 'equal' or 'just.' Etymologically, 'iniquitous' can be understood as 'not just' or 'unjust.' This term has evolved to describe actions, behaviors, or situations characterized by extreme immorality, wickedness, or gross injustice. The word's etymology underscores the fundamental idea of a lack of fairness or justice, emphasizing the severe moral wrongdoing associated with iniquitous actions or individuals.

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Further usage examples of iniquitous

1. The court's decision seemed iniquitous and unjust, sparking widespread protests.
2. Their iniquitous enterprise thrived on the misfortunes of the vulnerable.
3. He stood tall, despite the iniquitous allegations cast against him.
4. In the face of such iniquitous policies, she resolved to fight for justice.
5. The iniquitous treatment of animals at the factory led to public outrage.
6. In the heart of the city, an iniquitous trade was flourishing.
7. Their iniquitous actions stained the good name of the organization.
8. The book highlighted the iniquitous practices of the oppressive regime.
9. She was the victim of an iniquitous conspiracy, leading to her wrongful imprisonment.
10. Despite the town's peaceful facade, iniquitous activities thrived in its shadows.
11. The iniquitous greed of the powerful corporations was causing irreversible damage to the environment.
12. They were living under an iniquitous law that stripped them of their basic rights.
13. The iniquitous tax system burdened the poor while enriching the wealthy.
14. The iniquitous businessman used his wealth to escape the consequences of his actions.



wicked, righteous, just, ethical


Illusion and Insincerity, Conduct and Character, Disdain and Contempt, Repugnance and Revulsion, Unethical and Immoral

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