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How to pronounce inopportune (audio)


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Dictionary definition of inopportune

Occurring or happening at an inconvenient, inappropriate, or unfavorable time.
"The printer ran out of ink at the most inopportune time, just as we were printing important documents."

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Detailed meaning of inopportune

It describes a situation or event that is poorly timed or ill-suited to the circumstances. When something is deemed inopportune, it means that it hampers or disrupts the flow of events, often causing difficulties or complications. This could apply to various contexts, such as social interactions, business decisions, or personal endeavors. An inopportune moment can hinder progress, undermine success, or lead to unintended consequences. It implies a lack of favorable conditions or timing, making it challenging to seize or take advantage of opportunities. The adjective "inopportune" carries a sense of missed or poorly timed chances, highlighting the significance of appropriate timing and readiness in achieving desired outcomes.

Example sentences containing inopportune

1. The sudden downpour was inopportune for our outdoor picnic.
2. It was inopportune timing for the power outage to occur during an important presentation.
3. The phone call from a telemarketer came at the most inopportune moment.
4. She chose an inopportune time to announce her resignation, leaving her colleagues in a difficult situation.
5. The delay in delivery was highly inopportune, as we needed the materials for an urgent project.
6. His inopportune comment during the meeting caused tension among team members.

History and etymology of inopportune

The term 'inopportune' has its roots in Latin, where it originates from the combination of 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'opportunus,' which means 'favorable' or 'convenient.' 'Opportunus' itself is derived from 'opportunitas,' signifying 'opportunity' or 'suitable time.' When these components are brought together, 'inopportune' conveys the concept of something happening or occurring at an inconvenient, inappropriate, or unfavorable time. It describes situations or events that are poorly timed and often disruptive due to their lack of suitability or convenience in a particular context.

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Further usage examples of inopportune

1. The car broke down at an inopportune spot on the highway, causing a major traffic jam.
2. The sudden illness of the lead actor was incredibly inopportune, jeopardizing the entire theater production.
3. The airline's inopportune cancellation of flights stranded passengers during the holiday season.
4. The power outage during the wedding reception was an inopportune event, but the couple made the best of it.
5. The computer crashing right before the deadline was incredibly inopportune, causing a lot of stress.
6. The rain came at an inopportune moment during our picnic.
7. His inopportune laughter disrupted the solemn ceremony.
8. The power outage was highly inopportune during the presentation.
9. She received the bad news at an inopportune hour of the night.
10. The car broke down at the most inopportune place on the highway.
11. Their argument was inopportune, considering the family gathering.
12. The alarm clock's malfunction was inopportune on exam day.
13. The phone call came at an inopportune time during the meeting.
14. The flat tire was an inopportune start to our road trip.
15. Her coughing fit was inopportune during the quiet movie scene.
16. The printer jammed at an inopportune moment before the deadline.
17. His sneeze was inopportune during the tense negotiation.
18. The construction noise was inopportune while I was working.
19. The fire drill was inopportune during our lunch break.
20. The inopportune delay caused us to miss the train.
21. Their argument always seemed to happen at the most inopportune times.
22. The email glitch was inopportune right before the important presentation.
23. His inopportune remark offended everyone at the dinner party.
24. The inopportune arrival of guests caught us unprepared.
25. The car's engine failure was inopportune on the way to the airport.



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