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How to pronounce unfortunate (audio)


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Dictionary definition of unfortunate

Marked by bad luck, adversity, or an undesirable outcome.
"It is unfortunate that they had to postpone their wedding due to unforeseen circumstances."

Detailed meaning of unfortunate

When something is described as unfortunate, it suggests a sense of regret, pity, or sympathy. It denotes an occurrence or condition that is unfavorable, regrettable, or undesired. The term can apply to a wide range of experiences, such as accidents, setbacks, losses, or misfortunes. It implies a sense of disappointment or dissatisfaction with the outcome, often evoking empathy or compassion for those affected. Unfortunate events or circumstances are typically beyond one's control and can lead to emotional distress, inconvenience, or hardship. While the term "unfortunate" acknowledges the negative aspects of a situation, it does not necessarily imply fault or blame, but rather highlights the inherent unfortunate nature of the event or circumstance.

Example sentences containing unfortunate

1. It was unfortunate that they missed their flight due to heavy traffic.
2. The sudden rainstorm was unfortunate timing for our outdoor picnic.
3. It is unfortunate that she lost her job just before the holidays.
4. The team's loss in the final game was an unfortunate end to their successful season.
5. He had the unfortunate luck of getting a flat tire on his way to an important meeting.
6. The theft of her wallet during the vacation was an unfortunate incident that marred the trip.

History and etymology of unfortunate

The adjective 'unfortunate' can be dissected into its root word, 'fortunate.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is used to negate or reverse the quality of being 'fortunate.' 'Fortunate' has its origins in the Latin word 'fortunatus,' which means 'lucky' or 'blessed by fortune.' It is derived from 'fortuna,' meaning 'luck' or 'fortune,' often personified as the goddess of luck in Roman mythology. Over time, 'fortunate' evolved in the English language to describe someone or something marked by good luck, prosperity, or a desirable outcome. Consequently, 'unfortunate' signifies the opposite, denoting someone or something marked by bad luck, adversity, or an undesirable outcome, often implying a sense of misfortune or hardship. Its etymology is deeply rooted in the historical development of 'fortunate' and the addition of 'un-' to convey the reversal of lucky or fortunate circumstances.

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Further usage examples of unfortunate

1. It is unfortunate that she didn't receive the recognition she deserved for her hard work.
2. The cancellation of the concert was an unfortunate disappointment for the fans.
3. He made an unfortunate mistake that cost the team the victory.
4. The poor weather conditions were an unfortunate hindrance to their outdoor event.
5. It was an unfortunate misunderstanding that led to their strained relationship.
6. It was an unfortunate accident that caused the car to skid off the road.
7. Losing your wallet on vacation is always an unfortunate situation.
8. The cancellation of the event was an unfortunate turn of events.
9. It's unfortunate that he couldn't attend the important meeting.
10. An unfortunate misunderstanding led to their argument.
11. The delay in the project was an unfortunate setback.
12. It's unfortunate when a promising opportunity slips away.
13. Her illness was an unfortunate consequence of the flu season.
14. The timing of the storm was unfortunate for the outdoor wedding.
15. An unfortunate error in the report went unnoticed until later.
16. His departure from the company was an unfortunate loss.
17. The car broke down at an unfortunate time, leaving them stranded.
18. It's unfortunate that their friendship ended over a trivial matter.
19. The stock market's downturn was an unfortunate financial blow.
20. The accident was unfortunate, but luckily no one was injured.
21. Their dispute over the inheritance was an unfortunate family rift.
22. It's unfortunate that she missed the opportunity of a lifetime.
23. The leak in the roof was an unfortunate discovery during the storm.
24. An unfortunate twist of fate led to the project's failure.
25. It's unfortunate when misunderstandings lead to broken relationships.



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