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How to pronounce unhinged (audio)


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Dictionary definition of unhinged

Mentally or emotionally unstable, erratic, or disconnected from rational or normal behavior.
"His unhinged rant at the party made it clear that he needed help."

Detailed meaning of unhinged

It suggests a state of being mentally deranged or unhinged from reality, often accompanied by extreme emotions, erratic actions, or irrational thoughts. When applied to individuals, the term implies a lack of emotional or psychological stability, with behaviors that deviate significantly from societal norms or expectations. Unhinged individuals may exhibit unpredictable or volatile behavior, have difficulty controlling their emotions, or demonstrate a disconnection from logical reasoning. In a broader sense, the term "unhinged" can also describe things that are wildly chaotic, disorganized, or lacking stability. It conveys a sense of being unbalanced, uncontrolled, or unhinged from a stable or coherent state.

Example sentences containing unhinged

1. The door was left unhinged after the storm.
2. His unhinged laughter made everyone feel uncomfortable.
3. The old book had an unhinged cover hanging by a thread.
4. She portrayed an unhinged character brilliantly in the play.
5. His presentation was so unhinged that no one could follow it.
6. The movie’s plot took an unhinged twist that left the audience baffled.

History and etymology of unhinged

The adjective 'unhinged' can be understood by examining its root word, 'hinged.' In this term, the prefix 'un-' is employed to negate or reverse the quality of being 'hinged.' 'Hinged' originates from the Middle English word 'henge,' which means 'hung,' 'suspended,' or 'attached to a pivot.' It is related to the Old English word 'hencgan,' meaning 'to hang.' Over time, 'hinged' evolved in the English language to describe something that is attached to a pivot, typically allowing for controlled movement. Consequently, 'unhinged' signifies the opposite, denoting something that is mentally or emotionally unstable, erratic, or disconnected from rational or normal behavior, as if the mental or emotional 'hinge' that maintains stability has been figuratively removed. Its etymology is deeply rooted in the historical development of 'hinged' and its association with controlled movement and stability.

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Further usage examples of unhinged

1. The mirror was almost unhinged from the wall due to its weight.
2. The dog's unhinged behavior had everyone worried about its health.
3. The detective was dealing with an unhinged criminal who had no patterns.
4. He wrote an unhinged poem, filled with erratic lines and unpredictable rhymes.
5. The painting depicted a carnival scene with an unhinged, chaotic energy.
6. The wind was so strong that it left the gate unhinged.
7. She gave an unhinged speech, jumping from one topic to another without coherence.
8. The character’s descent into madness was portrayed through a series of unhinged actions.
9. The band’s unhinged performance made them the talk of the festival.
10. The political candidate's unhinged comments during the debate raised eyebrows.
11. His unhinged demeanor made it hard for him to make friends.
12. The old shack had an unhinged window that rattled in the wind.
13. The thriller novel depicted an unhinged mind with intricate and unexpected plot twists.
14. An unidentified object flew across the night sky, puzzling observers.
15. The mysterious creature in the woods remained unidentified.
16. The detective searched for clues to identify the unidentified victim.
17. An unidentified caller left a cryptic message on her voicemail.
18. Scientists are studying an unidentified species discovered in the ocean.
19. The cause of the illness remains unidentified, despite extensive tests.
20. An unidentified source leaked sensitive information to the press.
21. Authorities are investigating an unidentified car abandoned at the scene.
22. The unidentified odor in the room was unpleasant and puzzling.
23. Witnesses reported an unidentified aircraft in restricted airspace.
24. The unidentified plant species intrigued botanists and horticulturists.
25. An unidentified man in a mask entered the bank and demanded money.
26. The origins of the unidentified artifact remain a mystery.
27. Authorities received an anonymous tip about an unidentified suspect.
28. The victim's identity was initially unidentified due to the severe burns.
29. The unidentified virus posed a significant public health risk.
30. An unidentified noise in the haunted house startled the visitors.
31. Scientists are exploring an unidentified phenomenon in the sky.
32. The shipwreck revealed an unidentified cargo of historical value.
33. The unidentified substance found in the laboratory required analysis.



unstable, stable, balanced, sane


Accidents and Unpredictability, Character Traits and Behavior, Problems and Conundrums, Chaos and Conflict, Emotional Extremes and Reactions

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