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How to pronounce insist (audio)


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Dictionary definition of insist

To demand or assert something firmly and persistently.
"I insist on paying for dinner since it's your birthday."

Detailed meaning of insist

When someone insists on a particular course of action, opinion, or belief, they express strong conviction and refuse to yield or compromise. It implies a determined and unwavering attitude in advocating for their viewpoint or standing up for their rights or desires. Insisting often involves expressing one's position with emphasis and conviction, often in the face of opposition or differing opinions. It can manifest in various forms, such as verbal statements, repeated requests, or strong assertions. By insisting, individuals strive to make their point heard, convey the importance of their perspective, or ensure that their demands or desires are acknowledged and addressed. The verb "insist" signifies a resolute and unwavering stance in asserting one's position or advocating for a specific outcome.

Example sentences containing insist

1. I insist you review the proposal once more.
2. Should you insist on going alone, be cautious.
3. If they insist on paying, let them.
4. Don't insist on perfection; progress is more important.
5. Why do you insist on arguing with her?
6. We insist that you join us for dinner tonight.

History and etymology of insist

The verb 'insist' has its origins in the Latin word 'insistere,' which is a combination of 'in,' meaning 'on,' and 'sistere,' meaning 'to stand' or 'to take a stand.' This etymology reflects the notion of firmly standing one's ground or taking a resolute stance on a particular matter. Over time, as Latin evolved into various Romance languages and eventually into English, the word 'insist' retained this fundamental idea of demanding or asserting something firmly and persistently, emphasizing the determination to stand by one's position. Hence, etymologically, 'insist' conveys the act of unwaveringly asserting a point of view or making a demand with steadfast resolve.

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Further usage examples of insist

1. Even though it's hard, you insist on practicing every day.
2. If you insist on a change, propose a solution.
3. I insist you look at the evidence before making a decision.
4. Please insist on the highest quality materials for the project.
5. They insist we come in early for the meeting.
6. I insist that you take care of your health.
7. Should he insist on that route, be prepared for challenges.
8. Why do you insist on keeping secrets?
9. We insist you follow the safety protocols at all times.
10. They insist we all participate in the team-building activity.
11. I insist you reconsider this before it's too late.
12. You insist on taking risks, but remember to be sensible.
13. We insist that you take a day off to relax.
14. If you insist on speaking, make your words meaningful.



demand, relent, surrender, yield


Choices and Decisions, Demanding and Challenging, Persistence and Perseverance

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