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How to pronounce proclaim (audio)


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Dictionary definition of proclaim

To make a public or formal announcement or declaration, often in a loud or formal manner.
"When she opens the envelope, she will proclaim the winner."


Detailed meaning of proclaim

It is a verb that means to announce or make known something in a formal or official way, often in public. Proclaiming can be done through speech, writing, or any other means of communication. It can be used to announce news, laws, edicts, or any other information that is deemed important and necessary to be made known to the public. Proclaiming can also be used to express an opinion, a belief, or a statement of fact. In literature, it can be used to describe a character who makes a bold or assertive statement.

Proclaiming is often associated with formality, and it is often used in official or ceremonial contexts, such as making a public announcement of a new law or policy. It can also be used in religious contexts, such as the proclamation of a new Pope, and in political contexts, such as the proclamation of a new leader. It is often used to convey an important message or information that is meant to be heard by a wide audience.

Example sentences containing proclaim

1. "I proclaim this the best pizza in the city," said Jake, taking another bite.
2. When the time comes, we will proclaim our love to the world.
3. They proclaim peace, but their actions speak differently.
4. I don't want to proclaim victory prematurely, but we're ahead of schedule.
5. Let us not proclaim judgments before understanding the whole situation.
6. The leaders will soon proclaim the new rules for the community.

History and etymology of proclaim

The verb 'proclaim' has its roots in the Latin word 'proclamare,' which is a combination of 'pro,' meaning 'forth,' and 'clamare,' meaning 'to cry out' or 'to shout.' In essence, it means to cry out or announce something loudly and publicly. This Latin term evolved into 'proclamare' in Old French and Middle English, eventually becoming 'proclaim' in modern English. 'Proclaim' denotes the act of making a formal or public announcement, declaration, or statement in a clear and often authoritative manner, drawing attention to the message and emphasizing its importance.

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Further usage examples of proclaim

1. You proclaim your innocence, yet evidence speaks against you.
2. We proclaim today as a day of celebration and joy.
3. They proclaim the truth with courage and conviction.
4. Does he truly proclaim faith, or is it just an illusion?
5. When will you proclaim your decision to the family?
6. They proclaim their goals, yet their actions lack commitment.
7. Let's proclaim our solidarity and stand together in this time of crisis.
8. He will proclaim the launch of the new project next week.
9. You must proclaim your allegiance to the cause.
10. We proclaim our commitment to protecting the environment.
11. I won't proclaim a verdict until I've heard all the evidence.
12. On that day, they'll proclaim the new policy to the public.
13. Should we not proclaim our achievements with a sense of pride?
14. He stood on the podium to proclaim victory in the race.
15. The mayor will proclaim the new city park open to the public.
16. The king will proclaim a holiday for the royal celebration.
17. The CEO will proclaim the company's vision at the annual meeting.
18. She'll proclaim her love for him in front of their friends.
19. The president will proclaim a national emergency if needed.
20. The coach will proclaim the team's strategy before the game.
21. The judge will proclaim the verdict in the courtroom.
22. Religious leaders often proclaim their beliefs to the congregation.
23. The astronaut will proclaim the historic moment from space.
24. Citizens gathered to hear the mayor proclaim the new law.



announce, withhold, conceal, suppress


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