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How to pronounce interdisciplinary (audio)


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Dictionary definition of interdisciplinary

Integrating or interacting between different academic or professional disciplines, fields of study, or areas of expertise.
"The research project required an interdisciplinary team with expertise in biology, engineering, and computer science."

Detailed meaning of interdisciplinary

It refers to the approach or practice of combining knowledge, methodologies, and perspectives from multiple disciplines to address complex problems or explore topics that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. Interdisciplinary endeavors aim to bridge the gaps between disciplines, fostering collaboration and synergy among experts from diverse backgrounds. By combining insights and methodologies from various fields, interdisciplinary approaches offer fresh perspectives, innovative solutions, and a more comprehensive understanding of complex phenomena. They encourage the exchange of ideas, theories, and methods, enabling researchers, scholars, and professionals to tackle multifaceted issues that require a holistic and integrated approach. Interdisciplinary work often involves the blending of different theories, methods, or concepts to generate new insights, advancements, and applications across disciplinary boundaries. It promotes intellectual flexibility, encourages the exploration of connections between seemingly unrelated disciplines, and promotes a more holistic and interconnected understanding of the world.

Example sentences containing interdisciplinary

1. The interdisciplinary approach to healthcare involves collaboration between doctors, nurses, psychologists, and social workers.
2. The university offers an interdisciplinary program that combines elements of history, literature, and philosophy.
3. The conference brought together experts from various interdisciplinary fields to explore emerging trends.
4. The interdisciplinary nature of the project allowed for a comprehensive analysis of the problem.
5. The museum exhibition showcased an interdisciplinary collection of artworks that blended elements of sculpture, painting, and multimedia.
6. The interdisciplinary course encouraged students to explore connections between sociology, economics, and political science.

History and etymology of interdisciplinary

The adjective 'interdisciplinary' is formed by combining the prefix 'inter-,' meaning 'between' or 'among,' with 'disciplinary,' which relates to academic disciplines or fields of study. The prefix 'inter-' comes from the Latin 'inter,' emphasizing a sense of connection or interaction. Therefore, etymologically, 'interdisciplinary' signifies the idea of integrating or interacting between different academic or professional disciplines, fields of study, or areas of expertise. It emphasizes the collaborative and cross-disciplinary nature of activities that bridge the gaps between specialized knowledge areas to address complex issues or challenges.

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Further usage examples of interdisciplinary

1. The interdisciplinary research center fosters collaboration among scientists, engineers, and environmentalists.
2. The interdisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, and engineers collaborated to create an innovative building design.
3. The interdisciplinary journal publishes articles that merge insights from psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience.
4. The interdisciplinary workshop provided a platform for professionals from different fields to share their expertise.
5. The interdisciplinary conference featured keynote speakers who discussed the intersection of technology, art, and ethics.
6. The interdisciplinary approach fosters innovation and collaboration.
7. She pursued an interdisciplinary degree in environmental science.
8. The conference promotes interdisciplinary research and dialogue.
9. Our team consists of experts from various interdisciplinary fields.
10. Interdisciplinary studies often lead to groundbreaking discoveries.
11. He's known for his interdisciplinary research in neuroscience.
12. The project requires an interdisciplinary team of experts.
13. They established an interdisciplinary research center.
14. Interdisciplinary knowledge is crucial in solving complex problems.
15. The book explores the benefits of interdisciplinary learning.
16. The program encourages students to take interdisciplinary courses.
17. Interdisciplinary collaboration enhances problem-solving.
18. She received an award for her interdisciplinary research paper.
19. The museum features an interdisciplinary exhibit on human history.
20. Interdisciplinary approaches bridge gaps in understanding.
21. The conference aims to foster interdisciplinary connections.
22. An interdisciplinary perspective enriches our understanding.
23. He's recognized for his contributions to interdisciplinary fields.
24. The team's success is due to its interdisciplinary expertise.



multidisciplinary, narrow, specialized, limited


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