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sporadic, constant, continuous, unceasing


Prefix inter-, Anomaly and Difference, Irregular and Unpredictable, Duration and Transience, Time and Chronology



How to pronounce intermittent (audio)


Dictionary definition of intermittent

Occurring at irregular intervals, pausing or ceasing temporarily before resuming.
"The intermittent rain showers kept us from going outside."

Detailed meaning of intermittent

It can be used to describe a pattern of behavior, a process or a physical phenomenon. For example, an intermittent problem with a car engine, is one that occurs sporadically, and not in a consistent pattern. Intermittent rain refers to rain that falls at irregular intervals, rather than consistently. Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating where a person alternates between periods of eating and fasting, usually over a specific period of time. Intermittent could also refer to a certain type of exercise, such as high-intensity intermittent exercise, that alternates periods of high-intensity activity with periods of rest. In all cases, the word "intermittent" implies a lack of consistency or predictability and implies that the thing described by this word, is not constant or regular.

Example sentences containing intermittent

1. The intermittent rain made the outdoor picnic a challenging event.
2. Her intermittent laughter brightened even the gloomiest days.
3. The old car had intermittent engine trouble on long drives.
4. Intermittent power outages disrupted our work throughout the day.
5. The intermittent signal made the video call frustrating.
6. Intermittent waves crashed against the rocky shoreline.

History and etymology of intermittent

The adjective 'intermittent' has its etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'intermittens,' which is formed from 'inter-' (meaning 'between' or 'among') and 'mittere' (meaning 'to send' or 'to let go'). Therefore, 'intermittent' etymologically signifies something that is 'sent between' or 'occurring at intervals.' In modern usage, 'intermittent' describes things or events that occur at irregular intervals, pausing or ceasing temporarily before resuming. The etymology of 'intermittent' underscores the idea of a periodic or sporadic occurrence, emphasizing the intervals or breaks between occurrences as a defining characteristic of such phenomena.

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Further usage examples of intermittent

1. His intermittent snoring kept everyone awake at the campsite.
2. The intermittent beeping of the alarm clock annoyed me.
3. Intermittent bursts of applause echoed through the theater.
4. The intermittent WiFi connection hindered our online meeting.
5. Intermittent flashes of lightning lit up the night sky.
6. Her intermittent absence from class raised concerns.
7. The intermittent chirping of birds signaled the approaching dawn.
8. Intermittent gusts of wind made flying a challenge.
9. The intermittent traffic delays made us late for the concert.
10. Intermittent updates on the project's progress left us in the dark.
11. His intermittent kindness was hard to predict.
12. Intermittent cravings for chocolate tempted her throughout the day.
13. The intermittent buzzing of mosquitoes kept us awake at night.
14. Intermittent bursts of creativity fueled his artistic endeavors.
15. The flickering lights were a result of the intermittent power supply.
16. The athlete experienced intermittent pain in his ankle during the game.
17. The intermittent beeping noise was coming from the smoke detector.
18. The car's engine had an intermittent fault that was difficult to diagnose.
19. The intermittent sound of the waves was soothing to the beachgoers.
20. The patient reported intermittent dizzy spells throughout the day.
21. The intermittent hum of the refrigerator was annoying at night.
22. The intermittent internet connection made it hard to work from home.
23. The intermittent bursts of laughter from the children could be heard from outside.
24. The radio signal was intermittent and kept cutting out.
25. The intermittent flashes of lightning illuminated the dark sky.

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