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How to pronounce irreducible (audio)


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Dictionary definition of irreducible

Cannot be reduced, simplified, or made smaller in size or complexity.
"In his heart, there was an irreducible hope that things would change."

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Detailed meaning of irreducible

This word is commonly used to describe a situation, problem, or concept that cannot be easily resolved or broken down into smaller parts. In mathematics, irreducibility refers to a polynomial that cannot be factored into simpler polynomials. In physics, irreducibility refers to a physical phenomenon that cannot be explained or understood by breaking it down into smaller components. In general, irreducibility implies a fundamental nature to something that cannot be altered or reduced in any meaningful way.

Example sentences containing irreducible

1. The political situation was characterized by an irreducible complexity of cultural, social, and economic factors.
2. The equation reached an irreducible state.
3. There's an irreducible charm about that old village.
4. The artist captured an irreducible sadness in her eyes.
5. Her conviction seemed irreducible, no matter the arguments.
6. It's an irreducible truth that we all need air to breathe.

History and etymology of irreducible

The adjective 'irreducible' has its origins in Latin. It is formed from the Latin word 'irreducibilis,' which combines 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'reducibilis,' meaning 'capable of being reduced' or 'made smaller.' In Latin, 'irreducibilis' described something that could not be simplified or made smaller in size or complexity. As the term entered the English language, it retained this sense of being unalterable or unable to be reduced, emphasizing that certain concepts, structures, or elements are inherently complex or unbreakable. 'Irreducible' conveys the idea that these qualities or components resist any attempt to simplify or break them down into smaller parts, reflecting its Latin roots in the concept of resistance to reduction or simplification.

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Further usage examples of irreducible

1. We found an irreducible error in the software's code.
2. The film had an irreducible complexity that drew critics' attention.
3. After hours of debate, the problem remained irreducible.
4. The essence of love is often irreducible.
5. Some aspects of human nature are simply irreducible.
6. The novel presented an irreducible conflict between its characters.
7. The algorithm had an irreducible minimum for optimization.
8. Certain principles are irreducible in our code of conduct.
9. The sculpture contained an irreducible rawness in its form.
10. She held onto the irreducible belief of a better tomorrow.
11. The poem had an irreducible beauty that was hard to define.
12. Theoretical physics often tackles irreducible phenomena.
13. His passion for music was irreducible, unwavering in the face of adversity.
14. The data set presented an irreducible variance.



fundamental, reducible, simplifiable, diminishable


Prefix ir-, Suffix -ible, SAT 15 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 14, Fundamental and Essential

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