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unchangeable, changeable, variable, mutable


Prefix im-, Suffix -able, GRE 10 (Graduate Record Examination), Control and Discipline, Fundamental and Essential



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Dictionary definition of immutable

Unchanging, unalterable, or incapable of being modified or transformed.
"The laws of physics are immutable and cannot be changed."

Detailed meaning of immutable

When a characteristic or quality is described as immutable, it implies that it remains constant and steadfast over time, resisting any attempts at modification or variation. Immutable principles or laws are considered to be fixed and unyielding, often forming the bedrock of a particular system or belief. For example, in mathematics, immutable mathematical truths like the laws of arithmetic remain consistent and unchanged regardless of context. In ethics, certain moral principles may be viewed as immutable, representing universally accepted standards of right and wrong. "Immutable" emphasizes the enduring and unchanging nature of something, highlighting its resistance to alteration or adaptation.

Example sentences containing immutable

1. He believed that moral principles were immutable and should be followed at all times.
2. The company's values were immutable and formed the foundation of its culture.
3. She believed that certain fundamental truths were immutable and unchanging.
4. The Constitution is an immutable document that serves as the foundation of our government.
5. He believed that human nature was immutable and that certain behaviors were innate.
6. The natural laws are immutable and govern the universe.

History and etymology of immutable

The adjective 'immutable' has its roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'immūtābilis,' which combines 'in,' meaning 'not,' and 'mūtābilis,' meaning 'changeable' or 'mutable.' In Latin, 'immūtābilis' was used to describe something that was resistant to change, unalterable, or steadfast. As the term transitioned into the English language, it retained this sense of being unchanging or unalterable, emphasizing the idea of something that is incapable of being modified or transformed. Thus, 'immutable' reflects its Latin origins in conveying the notion of permanence and resistance to change, making it a fitting term to describe things that remain constant and unyielding over time.

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Further usage examples of immutable

1. She believed that the principles of mathematics were immutable and universally applicable.
2. The company's policies were immutable and applied to all employees.
3. There is no such thing as an immutable law in a democracy.
4. He believed that the principles of logic were immutable and could be relied upon to make sound arguments.
5. The company's financial statements were immutable and reflected the company's financial performance.
6. She believed that the laws of nature were immutable and that scientific laws could be relied upon to make accurate predictions.
7. The laws of physics are considered immutable in the scientific community.
8. His principles were immutable, standing firm in the face of adversity.
9. The ancient monument's beauty remains immutable over centuries.
10. Some traditions are seen as immutable and passed down through generations.
11. The contract's terms were clear and immutable, leaving no room for negotiation.
12. The night sky's beauty is a reminder of the immutable cosmos.
13. Time's passage is an immutable fact of life.
14. Her love for him was an immutable bond that nothing could break.
15. The constitution serves as an immutable foundation for the nation's governance.
16. Despite the challenges, her determination remained immutable.
17. The mathematical theorem is an immutable truth in the realm of numbers.
18. The artist's vision remained immutable throughout his career.
19. The oath of allegiance symbolizes an immutable commitment to one's country.
20. The company's core values are immutable, guiding its actions and decisions.
21. In philosophy, some truths are considered immutable and universal.
22. Nature's beauty is found in its immutable cycles and patterns.
23. The concept of justice should be an immutable principle in society.
24. The teacher's dedication to education was an immutable quality.
25. Her faith in the future remained immutable, despite the challenges.
26. Time may change circumstances, but some friendships are immutable.

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