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How to pronounce irreparable (audio)

Dictionary definition of irreparable

Cannot be repaired, restored, or rectified.
"The earthquake caused irreparable damage to the city's historic buildings."

Detailed meaning of irreparable

When an object, situation, or damage is deemed irreparable, it means that the harm, loss, or deterioration is permanent and cannot be reversed or fixed. The adjective implies that the damage or consequences are so severe, extensive, or irreversible that there is no possibility of remedy or recovery. Irreparable often signifies a point of no return, where the original state or condition cannot be attained again. It can refer to physical, emotional, or metaphorical damages that are beyond repair. The notion of irreparability conveys a sense of finality, emphasizing that the negative impact or outcome is lasting and cannot be undone.

Example sentences containing irreparable

1. Her thoughtless comment resulted in irreparable harm to their friendship.
2. The tailor said the tear in my vintage dress was irreparable.
3. The financial crisis has had an irreparable impact on many small businesses.
4. After the flood, the family photos suffered irreparable water damage.
5. The mechanic informed me that the engine’s damage was irreparable and the car was totaled.
6. The irreparable loss of cultural artifacts during the war was a tragedy for historians.

History and etymology of irreparable

The term 'irreparable' finds its origins in Latin, specifically from the word 'irreparabilis,' which is a combination of 'ir-' meaning 'not' and 'reparabilis' derived from 'reparare,' meaning 'to repair' or 'to restore.' The Latin 'reparabilis' signified something that could be fixed or restored. Therefore, 'irreparable' etymologically conveys the idea that a situation or damage is beyond repair, restoration, or rectification, emphasizing its irreversibility and the impossibility of returning it to its original state.

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Further usage examples of irreparable

1. The hurricane left the small coastal town in a state of irreparable devastation.
2. They decided to replace the old computer after a software bug caused irreparable system failure.
3. The fragile relationship between the two nations worsened due to the irreparable consequences of a political scandal.
4. The young artist’s painting was ruined beyond recognition due to irreparable stains from a spilled drink.
5. His reckless actions during the dispute led to irreparable damage to his reputation.
6. The irreparable damage to the ancient artifact left historians devastated.
7. The storm's fury caused irreparable harm to the coastal ecosystem.
8. The betrayal led to an irreparable rift between lifelong friends.
9. The fire resulted in irreparable losses for the small business.
10. The earthquake's aftermath left the city with irreparable scars.
11. The virus outbreak caused irreparable damage to public health.
12. The irreparable error in the code crashed the entire system.
13. Their marriage suffered an irreparable breakdown over time.
14. The hurricane's impact left behind irreparable devastation.
15. The irreparable crack in the foundation endangered the house's stability.
16. The loss of their leader was an irreparable blow to the team.
17. The irreparable harm to the ecosystem affected wildlife severely.
18. The betrayal of trust resulted in an irreparable breach.
19. The irreparable damage to her reputation haunted her for years.
20. The collision caused an irreparable dent in the vintage car.
21. The theft of the irreplaceable painting was an irreparable loss.
22. The decision to shut down the factory was deemed irreparable.
23. The conflict caused an irreparable rift within the community.
24. The earthquake left the town with irreparable infrastructure damage.
25. The misunderstanding led to an irreparable breakdown in communication.



unfixable, fixable, repairable, mendable


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