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How to pronounce irrecoverable (audio)


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Dictionary definition of irrecoverable

Cannot be recovered, regained, or retrieved.
"His careless words caused irrecoverable damage to their friendship."

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Detailed meaning of irrecoverable

It indicates a state of permanence or finality, implying that the loss or damage incurred is irreversible and cannot be undone. When applied to a situation or event, it suggests that the consequences or effects are beyond repair or remedy. The adjective underscores the notion that there is no possibility of restoration, and any attempt to recover what has been lost or fix what has been broken would be futile. It conveys a sense of irretrievable loss or irreparable damage, emphasizing the impossibility of returning to a previous state or recovering what has been irreversibly altered or destroyed. The concept of irrecoverability highlights the importance of cherishing and safeguarding what is valuable, as once it is lost, it is gone forever.

Example sentences containing irrecoverable

1. The painting was stolen, making it an irrecoverable loss for the art community.
2. The data was erased, leaving us with an irrecoverable void in our research.
3. The ancient manuscript, once ruined by water, became an irrecoverable treasure.
4. They made an irrecoverable mistake by not backing up their files.
5. After the storm, the coastal town suffered irrecoverable destruction.
6. The lawyer warned that signing the contract could have irrecoverable consequences.

History and etymology of irrecoverable

The adjective 'irrecoverable' has its roots in Latin and Old French. The word 'irrecoverable' is derived from the Latin word 'irrecoverabilis,' which consists of two components: 'ir' meaning 'not' or 'un-' and 'recoverabilis' meaning 'able to be recovered.' In this context, 'recover' comes from the Latin 'recuperare,' which means 'to regain' or 'to get back.' Over time, this Latin term evolved into the Old French word 'recovrable,' with a similar meaning. Ultimately, the word 'irrecoverable' formed in English by combining 'ir' with 'recoverable,' conveying the idea of something that cannot be regained or retrieved.

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Further usage examples of irrecoverable

1. The extinction of certain species represents an irrecoverable loss to biodiversity.
2. His decision to sell his family heirlooms resulted in irrecoverable regret.
3. The cultural artifacts were stolen, constituting an irrecoverable loss for the museum.
4. The hard drive crashed, making the stored memories irrecoverable.
5. After years of erosion, the historical site faced irrecoverable deterioration.
6. The cost of the project ballooned, creating an irrecoverable financial setback.
7. The deleted files were not in the recycle bin, making them irrecoverable.
8. The team’s failure to plan properly led to an irrecoverable loss of time and resources.
9. The data loss was catastrophic, leaving us with irrecoverable files.
10. Her trust in him was shattered, the damage irrecoverable.
11. The thief made off with irreplaceable and irrecoverable heirlooms.
12. The company faced an irrecoverable financial setback.
13. The ancient artifact was lost at sea, now irrecoverable.
14. Their friendship deteriorated to an irrecoverable state.
15. The forest fire caused irrecoverable damage to the ecosystem.
16. The antique book was damaged beyond an irrecoverable point.
17. The virus corrupted the hard drive, making data irrecoverable.
18. The hurricane left the coastal town in an irrecoverable mess.
19. His reputation was tarnished in a way that felt irrecoverable.
20. The stolen art was lost to the world, seemingly irrecoverable.
21. The war's toll on the city's infrastructure was nearly irrecoverable.
22. The accident resulted in an irrecoverable loss of life.
23. The relationship had reached an irrecoverable breaking point.
24. The economic collapse left many in an irrecoverable state.
25. The ancient manuscript's deterioration made it irrecoverable.
26. The company's bankruptcy left employees with an irrecoverable loss.
27. The virus deleted years of work, making it irrecoverable.
28. The damage to the environment may be irrecoverable if not addressed.



unrecoverable, retrievable, reclaimable, recoverable


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