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How to pronounce jamboree (audio)


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Dictionary definition of jamboree

An event that is characterized by music, dancing, and other forms of entertainment, usually held outdoors.
"The scouting jamboree is a gathering of scouts from all over the country."


Detailed meaning of jamboree

A jamboree is It is often a celebration or gathering, and it can include a variety of activities such as competitions, games, and other forms of entertainment. The term Jamboree is also used to describe a large-scale gathering of people, usually for a specific purpose or cause. It can be a gathering of young people, such as the Scouts Jamboree, where scouts from around the world come together to share skills, culture and friendship.

The term can also be used to describe a large gathering of people for a specific event, such as a music festival, a political rally, or a religious event. The term is often used to describe an event that is lively, energetic, and festive, with a focus on community and celebration. The term "jamboree" is also used to describe a gathering of people with a common interest, such as a group of car enthusiasts or a group of people who love a particular type of music.
Overall, Jamboree refers to a gathering of people for a festive, lively, and often communal event, sometimes with a specific purpose or focus.

Example sentences containing jamboree

1. The jamboree was a vibrant celebration of cultures from around the world.
2. Children enjoyed the thrilling rides at the summer jamboree.
3. The annual jamboree brought together musicians, artists, and performers of all kinds.
4. Families gathered at the park for a lively jamboree filled with games and activities.
5. The jamboree showcased local talents and promoted community unity.
6. The jamboree offered a wide array of mouthwatering food options.

History and etymology of jamboree

The noun 'jamboree' has its origins in the Hindi word 'jāmborī,' which referred to a large festive gathering or celebration. This term was adopted during British colonial rule in India and later made its way into the English language in the late 19th century. Originally, 'jamboree' was used to describe a boisterous or lively gathering with music, dancing, and entertainment, often held in an open or outdoor setting. It conveys a sense of joyful and exuberant festivity, making it a fitting term to describe a lively and entertaining event or celebration, particularly one that takes place in the great outdoors.

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Further usage examples of jamboree

1. Participants at the scout jamboree engaged in team-building exercises and outdoor adventures.
2. The beach jamboree was a hit with sunbathers and surfers alike.
3. The music jamboree featured a mix of genres, from jazz to rock and hip-hop.
4. The jamboree atmosphere was electric with laughter and joy.
5. The jamboree was a grand celebration of the town's founding anniversary.
6. Attendees at the dance jamboree showcased their best moves on the dance floor.
7. The jamboree provided an opportunity for local artisans to display their crafts.
8. The scout jamboree included thrilling activities like zip-lining and archery.
9. The jamboree raised funds for a charitable cause, bringing the community together for a noble purpose.
10. Families set up colorful tents and enjoyed a weekend camping jamboree.
11. The jamboree featured a fireworks display that lit up the night sky.
12. The school jamboree showcased the talents of students in various art forms.
13. The jamboree attracted visitors from far and wide, creating a bustling atmosphere.
14. Participants in the sports jamboree competed in various athletic events, showcasing their skills and teamwork.



festival, monotony, boredom, tedium


Suffix -ee, Democracy and Diversity, Events and Milestones, Celebration and Festivities

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