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subordinate, leader, boss, superior


Personality and Character Traits, Dedication and Devotion, Control and Discipline, Resilience and Resolve, Dominance and Supremacy, Followers and Loyalty



How to pronounce lackey (audio)


Dictionary definition of lackey

A person who is willing to do the bidding of someone else, often in a servile or subservient manner.
"The wealthy businessman had a lackey who carried his briefcase everywhere he went."

Detailed meaning of lackey

A lackey is someone who is seen as a subordinate or follower, and is willing to carry out the orders or requests of another person without question. The term often carries a negative connotation, implying that the lackey is lacking in independence, dignity, or self-respect. A lackey may be motivated by a desire for personal gain, such as money, power, or status, or they may be coerced into serving someone else. In either case, the term "lackey" suggests a lack of agency or personal autonomy, and a willingness to carry out the wishes of someone else without regard to one's own interests or dignity.

Example sentences containing lackey

1. The politician's lackey stood by his side during every press conference.
2. The queen's lackey tended to her every need, from bringing her food to running her baths.
3. The boss's lackey was always trying to impress him by doing his bidding without question.
4. The dictator's lackeys carried out his orders with ruthless efficiency.
5. The celebrity's lackeys fawned over her and did whatever she asked.
6. The millionaire's lackey was paid handsomely to run errands for him.

History and etymology of lackey

The noun 'lackey' has its etymological origins in French. It is derived from the French word 'laquais,' which means 'footman' or 'servant.' In its original French form, 'laquais' referred to a household servant or a footman who attended to various tasks. Over time, the term was adopted into English as 'lackey' with a similar meaning. A 'lackey' is a person who is willing to do the bidding of someone else, often in a servile or subservient manner. The word 'lackey' implies a certain level of deference and obedience, and it is often used to describe individuals who carry out menial or demeaning tasks on behalf of a superior or employer. The etymology of 'lackey' underscores its historical connection to the roles of domestic servants and attendants, emphasizing the idea of performing tasks at the behest of another person.

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Further usage examples of lackey

1. The captain's lackeys worked tirelessly to keep the ship running smoothly.
2. The mob boss's lackey was feared by everyone in the organization.
3. The emperor's lackeys were well-dressed and well-trained, ready to serve his every whim.
4. The rich heiress's lackeys were always at her beck and call, eager to please her.
5. The warlord's lackeys were fiercely loyal to him and would do anything to protect him.
6. The arrogant leader surrounded himself with loyal lackeys who would do his bidding unquestioningly.
7. The ruthless dictator's lackey enforced oppressive policies, instilling fear among the populace.
8. The billionaire's lackeys, ever at his beck and call, managed his vast business empire.
9. On the movie set, the pampered star's lackeys ensured her every comfort and demand was met.
10. The mafia boss's lackeys carried out covert operations, shielding him from the law.
11. The CEO's lackey efficiently handled his administrative tasks and scheduling.
12. The supervillain's lackeys assisted in executing his diabolical schemes with precision.
13. In the tyrant's kingdom, lackeys enforced strict rules, suppressing any opposition.
14. The celebrity's lackeys meticulously managed her public image, shielding her from scandals.
15. The gang leader's lackey, fiercely loyal, carried out his orders without hesitation.
16. The politician's lackeys, known for their blind allegiance, supported his political agenda.
17. The mobster's lackey discreetly handled illicit transactions, avoiding the authorities.
18. The corporate executive's lackey played a pivotal role in facilitating high-stakes negotiations.
19. The crime lord's lackey orchestrated complex smuggling operations, evading law enforcement.
20. The evil genius's lackey executed sinister experiments, furthering his dark ambitions.
21. The royal family's lackeys attended to their every need, maintaining their regal lifestyle.
22. The ruthless despot's lackey silenced any dissenting voices, ensuring his grip on power.
23. The cult leader's lackeys followed his teachings unquestioningly, devoted to his ideology.
24. In the bustling kitchen, the celebrity chef's lackeys assisted in preparing culinary masterpieces.
25. The criminal mastermind's lackey, indispensable to his criminal empire, managed operations with precision and discretion.

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