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How to pronounce lagoon (audio)


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Dictionary definition of lagoon

A shallow body of water, typically separated from a larger body of water, such as a sea or ocean, by a barrier, such as a sandbar, barrier reef, or coral reef.
"The lush mangroves surrounded the tranquil lagoon, creating a serene environment."


Detailed meaning of lagoon

Lagoons are often characterized by calm, clear, and relatively still waters, offering a contrast to the open and often turbulent conditions of the adjacent body of water. They can vary in size, from small and intimate to vast expanses, and can be found in coastal areas around the world. Lagoons are known for their diverse ecosystems, supporting a wide range of marine life, including various fish species, coral reefs, and other aquatic organisms. Due to their serene and picturesque nature, lagoons are popular tourist destinations, offering opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, boating, and other recreational activities. They also play a significant role in coastal protection, as their barriers help mitigate the impact of waves and storms, preserving the integrity of the surrounding land.

Example sentences containing lagoon

1. The tropical resort had a stunning lagoon where guests could swim and relax.
2. The divers explored the colorful coral reefs in the crystal-clear lagoon.
3. The lagoon's calm waters provided a perfect spot for kayaking and paddleboarding.
4. Tourists flocked to the famous lagoon to witness the breathtaking sunset over the water.
5. The marine biologist studied the diverse marine species that inhabited the lagoon.
6. The children built sandcastles on the pristine beach adjacent to the lagoon.

History and etymology of lagoon

The noun 'lagoon' has an etymology rooted in the Italian language. It can be traced back to the Italian word 'laguna,' which referred to a shallow body of water, often separated from the sea by a barrier like a sandbar, barrier reef, or coral reef. The term 'laguna' itself has deeper origins in Latin, where 'lacuna' meant a gap or a hole. Over time, as trade and exploration expanded, the word 'lagoon' was adopted into various languages to describe these coastal features. It aptly captures the essence of these tranquil, shallow waters separated from the open sea, often found in coastal regions and islands, and has become a common term in the description of such geographical formations.

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Further usage examples of lagoon

1. The locals organized a boating race on the lagoon as part of the annual festival.
2. The luxury villas overlooked the picturesque lagoon, offering breathtaking views.
3. The documentary showcased the unique ecosystem and wildlife found within the lagoon.
4. The fishing boats lined the edge of the lagoon, ready to set sail at dawn.
5. The lagoon's azure waters attracted snorkelers from around the world, eager to explore its underwater wonders.
6. The crystal-clear lagoon beckoned with its turquoise waters.
7. Snorkeling in the lagoon revealed a vibrant underwater world.
8. The resort overlooked a serene, palm-fringed lagoon.
9. The mangroves thrived along the edge of the lagoon.
10. We explored the hidden treasures of the coral lagoon.
11. The lagoon's shallow depths were perfect for kayaking.
12. Local fishermen cast their nets in the bountiful lagoon.
13. The lagoon's beauty captivated all who visited.
14. A gentle breeze rustled the reeds around the lagoon.
15. The lagoon's tranquility provided a peaceful escape.
16. The island was surrounded by a pristine coral lagoon.
17. The sunset painted the lagoon in shades of orange.
18. The lagoon teemed with colorful marine life.
19. Children built sandcastles along the lagoon's shore.
20. We picnicked by the tranquil waters of the lagoon.
21. The lagoon's barrier reef protected its delicate ecosystem.
22. Sailboats glided gracefully across the calm lagoon.
23. The lagoon's water was warm and inviting for a swim.
24. The wildlife sanctuary bordered the secluded lagoon.
25. We watched as the tides ebbed and flowed in the lagoon.



shallow pool, mainland, continent, dry land


Conservation and Protection, Environmental Concerns and Ecology, Geography and Topography

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