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How to pronounce inlet (audio)


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Dictionary definition of inlet

A narrow body of water, channel, or passage that connects a larger body of water, such as a sea, lake, or river, with a smaller area or landmass.
"The fishing boat entered the inlet to seek shelter from the storm."

Detailed meaning of inlet

It is typically characterized by its relatively small size and often exhibits a curved or narrow shape. Inlets can form naturally or be created artificially, and they play a significant role in shaping coastal geography. They serve as entry points for water, allowing for the exchange of tidal flow and contributing to the overall circulation of water in a particular area. Inlets are often valued for their ecological significance, serving as habitats for various marine species and supporting diverse ecosystems. Additionally, inlets can serve as ports or harbors, providing safe areas for boats and ships to anchor or navigate through.

Example sentences containing inlet

1. The scenic coastal town was nestled along a picturesque inlet.
2. The inlet provided a calm and serene spot for kayaking and paddleboarding.
3. We spotted a pod of dolphins swimming near the inlet.
4. The lighthouse guided ships safely into the inlet during the night.
5. The inlet was teeming with marine life, attracting snorkelers and divers.
6. The seaside restaurant offered breathtaking views of the inlet while dining.

History and etymology of inlet

The noun 'inlet' has its etymological origins in the Old English word 'ynet,' which means 'an opening' or 'entrance.' This Old English term is closely related to the verb 'innan,' meaning 'to go in' or 'to enter.' Over time, as the English language evolved, 'ynet' transformed into 'inlet' and took on the specific meaning of a narrow body of water, channel, or passage that serves as an entry point, connecting a larger body of water, like a sea, lake, or river, with a smaller area of land. The etymology of 'inlet' thus reflects its fundamental role as an entrance or opening through which water flows, connecting different bodies of water or facilitating access to inland areas.

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Further usage examples of inlet

1. The inlet's sandy beach was a popular destination for sunbathers and picnickers.
2. The inlet's crystal-clear waters were perfect for swimming and snorkeling.
3. The narrow inlet was a natural barrier protecting the bay from rough seas.
4. The inlet's tranquil waters were ideal for sailing and boating enthusiasts.
5. The inlet served as a gateway to a pristine nature reserve, offering hiking trails and wildlife observation opportunities.
6. We anchored the boat in the tranquil inlet for the night.
7. The coastal town thrives on its picturesque inlet for tourism.
8. Dolphins often frolic in the shallow inlet near our beach house.
9. The inlet's crystal-clear waters make it a popular snorkeling spot.
10. Fishing enthusiasts gather at the inlet during the salmon run.
11. The inlet provides a safe haven for migrating birds.
12. Canoeing through the serene inlet was a peaceful experience.
13. Surfers flocked to the inlet to catch the perfect wave.
14. The inlet's tides create a unique ecosystem teeming with life.
15. The lighthouse guided ships safely into the rocky inlet.
16. Tourists enjoy kayaking in the calm waters of the inlet.
17. The tiny island lies within the protective embrace of the inlet.
18. Seagulls often gather near the inlet, searching for fish.
19. The inlet's scenic beauty attracts painters and photographers.
20. We hiked along the rugged coastline to reach the hidden inlet.
21. Local fishermen rely on the rich bounty of the inlet.
22. The inlet's gentle current is ideal for novice boaters.
23. A quaint village sits at the mouth of the picturesque inlet.
24. The inlet's pristine sands are perfect for a relaxing picnic.
25. The inlet's mystique adds charm to the coastal community.



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