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How to pronounce latterly (audio)

Dictionary definition of latterly

Recently, or closer to the present time compared to a previously mentioned time.
"He has become more health-conscious latterly, adopting a nutritious diet and exercise routine."

Detailed meaning of latterly

It implies a focus on the more recent or latter part of a sequence or series of events, actions, or occurrences. 'Latterly' often suggests that the described situation, development, or behavior has taken place or become apparent in the relatively recent past. It highlights a shift or change that has occurred in the later stages, providing a temporal context to the information being conveyed. 'Latterly' is useful in distinguishing between two distinct timeframes or stages and is often used to describe something that has happened or become prominent more recently in comparison to an earlier point in time.

Example sentences containing latterly

1. She has been focusing on her writing career latterly, dedicating more time to her creative pursuits.
2. The company's profits have increased latterly due to their successful marketing strategies.
3. The artist's style has evolved latterly, incorporating new techniques and concepts into her work.
4. The team has been performing exceptionally well latterly, winning their last five matches.
5. Latterly, he has been attending more social events and expanding his network.
6. The project faced some challenges in the early stages but has progressed smoothly latterly.

History and etymology of latterly

The adverb 'latterly' can be understood by breaking down its components. It is formed from the word 'latter,' which itself originates from Old English 'lætra,' meaning slower or later. When '-ly' is added to 'latter,' it creates 'latterly,' which signifies recently or closer to the present time compared to a previously mentioned time. The etymology of 'latterly' reflects its connection to the concept of time and sequence, with 'latter' representing a later or more recent period in contrast to an earlier one. This adverb is a useful linguistic tool for specifying the temporal relationship between events or situations, emphasizing their order in the past.

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Further usage examples of latterly

1. She has been receiving recognition for her contributions to the field of science latterly.
2. The town has experienced a surge in tourism latterly, attracting visitors from around the world.
3. He has been feeling more energized and motivated latterly, achieving greater productivity in his work.
4. Latterly, she has been exploring different hobbies and discovering new passions.
5. The political landscape has undergone significant changes latterly, leading to shifts in power and policy.
6. The company has, latterly, focused on sustainability in its operations.
7. She's become a prominent artist, latterly gaining international recognition.
8. The weather had been unpredictable, but latterly, it's been sunny.
9. His health had been deteriorating, but latterly, he's shown improvement.
10. The political landscape has, latterly, seen significant changes.
11. The software had bugs initially, but latterly, it's been running smoothly.
12. They had faced financial challenges, but latterly, their fortunes improved.
13. The neighborhood had been quiet, but latterly, construction noise disrupted it.
14. The restaurant had struggled, but latterly, it's become quite popular.
15. The team had a rough start, but latterly, they've been winning games.
16. The city was deserted during the pandemic, but latterly, it's bustling again.
17. She had been distant, but latterly, she's become more approachable.
18. The garden was overgrown, but latterly, it's been well-maintained.
19. His work had been mediocre, but latterly, he's produced exceptional pieces.
20. Their relationship was strained, but latterly, they've grown closer.
21. The stock market was volatile, but latterly, it's stabilized.
22. The museum was under renovation, but latterly, it reopened to the public.
23. His writing had been uninspired, but latterly, he's penned brilliant stories.
24. The house was neglected, but latterly, it's received a renovation.
25. The project had delays, but latterly, it's progressing rapidly.



recently, formerly, previously, initially


SAT 18 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 13, Time and Chronology

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