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How to pronounce affinity (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'affinity'

A natural liking or connection between two or more people, things, or ideas.
"They discovered a mutual affinity for science fiction movies."

Detailed Meaning of 'affinity'

It can also describe a similarity or resemblance between different things or concepts. The term often implies a sense of compatibility or attraction, as in the phrase "having an affinity for something." For example, a person might have an affinity for a particular type of music or cuisine, indicating a natural preference or enjoyment of it. In a broader sense, affinity can refer to a strong feeling of closeness or kinship between people or groups, as in the phrase "feeling an affinity with someone." Overall, the term 'affinity' suggests a sense of compatibility, connection, or shared interest between different entities.

History and Etymology of 'affinity'

The noun 'affinity' has its roots in the Latin word 'affinitas,' which means 'relationship by marriage' or 'kinship.' In ancient Roman law, 'affinitas' referred to the relationship established between two families when a marriage occurred between their members. Over time, the term broadened to encompass not only the familial connection resulting from marriage but also a more general sense of natural liking, attraction, or connection between two or more people, things, or ideas. In modern usage, 'affinity' conveys a sense of mutual attraction or compatibility, often suggesting a strong and natural bond or attraction that exists between individuals or elements. The etymology of 'affinity' underscores its historical association with kinship through marriage and its evolution into a broader concept of shared likeness or natural connection.

Examples of 'affinity' in a Sentence

1. Their shared affinity for adventure made them travel companions.
2. The professor and student had a unique affinity for philosophy.
3. The couple's affinity for each other was evident in their smiles.
4. She felt an instant affinity with the quaint little town.
5. Their culinary affinity resulted in a delightful feast.
6. The photographer had a natural affinity for capturing emotions.
7. His affinity for technology made him a computer whiz.
8. The book club members bonded over their literary affinities.
9. The musician's affinity for the guitar began in childhood.
10. The team's affinity for teamwork led to championship victories.
11. The naturalist had an affinity for rare and endangered species.
12. The writer's affinity for words was evident in her novels.
13. The friends discovered their shared affinity for astronomy.
14. Her affinity for leadership earned her a promotion.
15. The artist's affinity for color produced vibrant masterpieces.
16. Their affinity for justice led them to volunteer at legal clinics.
17. The family's shared affinity for the outdoors led to camping trips.
18. Their spiritual affinities guided their search for meaning.
19. The mentorship program matched individuals based on shared affinities.





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