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sustenance, dependency, hobby, pastime


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How to pronounce livelihood (audio)


Dictionary definition of livelihood

The means or source of income or sustenance by which individuals or households support themselves and meet their basic needs.
"Tourism plays a vital role in supporting the local livelihoods in the coastal town."

Detailed meaning of livelihood

It encompasses the activities, occupations, or jobs that individuals engage in to earn a living and sustain their daily lives. A person's livelihood can be derived from various sources, such as employment, self-employment, entrepreneurship, or the practice of a trade or profession. It involves the skills, expertise, or resources individuals possess and utilize to generate income. Livelihoods can range from agricultural work, manufacturing, and service-oriented jobs to creative pursuits, freelance work, or business ventures. A sustainable livelihood enables individuals to secure food, shelter, clothing, education, healthcare, and other essentials required for a decent quality of life. Livelihoods are influenced by economic conditions, social structures, educational opportunities, and access to resources and markets. The concept of livelihood acknowledges the significance of income generation and economic well-being in ensuring individuals' and communities' overall welfare and resilience.

Example sentences containing livelihood

1. Fishing is their main livelihood, providing sustenance for their family.
2. The drought severely impacted the farmers' livelihoods, leading to financial hardship.
3. The artisan craftspeople rely on their craftsmanship as their livelihood.
4. The pandemic's economic impact affected many individuals' livelihoods, causing job loss.
5. Education and vocational training can enhance opportunities for better livelihoods.
6. The government implemented policies to promote sustainable livelihoods in rural areas.

History and etymology of livelihood

The noun 'livelihood' has a straightforward etymology rooted in Old English. It is derived from the Old English word 'līflǣde,' which combines 'līf,' meaning life, and 'lǣde,' meaning course or way. Essentially, 'līflǣde' referred to the way or course of life that an individual pursued, particularly in terms of obtaining the means for sustenance. Over time, this Old English term evolved into 'livelihood' in modern English, retaining its fundamental meaning of the means or source of income by which individuals or households support themselves and meet their basic needs. The etymology of 'livelihood' underscores the central role it plays in the course of one's life, emphasizing the importance of securing the resources necessary for survival and well-being.

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Further usage examples of livelihood

1. Entrepreneurship offers an avenue for individuals to create their own livelihoods.
2. The artisanal market is an important source of livelihood for local artisans.
3. Access to credit and financial services can empower individuals to improve their livelihoods.
4. Conservation efforts aim to protect wildlife and ecosystems while safeguarding local livelihoods.
5. Sustainable farming is their livelihood; they grow organic produce.
6. Fishing is the main livelihood in this coastal village.
7. Her livelihood depends on her successful bakery business.
8. The pandemic threatened their livelihoods in the tourism industry.
9. Many artisans rely on craft fairs for their livelihoods.
10. His livelihood as a taxi driver was disrupted by ride-sharing apps.
11. Livelihoods of miners are tied to the price of precious metals.
12. The factory closure jeopardized hundreds of livelihoods.
13. Access to clean water is vital for rural livelihoods.
14. Livelihood programs aim to empower marginalized communities.
15. They built a sustainable livelihood through beekeeping.
16. The pandemic's impact on livelihoods was devastating.
17. Small-scale fishing is their primary source of livelihood.
18. Livelihood diversification can enhance resilience.
19. A stable job provides a secure livelihood for many.
20. His livelihood as a musician is dependent on gigs.
21. Livelihoods in this region heavily rely on forestry.
22. Education is a pathway to improved livelihoods.
23. Livelihood opportunities are limited in this remote area.

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