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plunder, donation, gift, offering


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How to pronounce loot (audio)


Dictionary definition of loot

Valuable items, goods, or money that has been stolen, plundered, or taken forcefully, typically during times of conflict, looting, or theft.
"The pirates divided the loot equally among themselves after plundering the merchant ship."

Detailed meaning of loot

Loot can include a wide range of objects, such as jewelry, artifacts, cash, artwork, or any other valuable possessions. It is often acquired unlawfully or through acts of violence, such as in the aftermath of war, riots, or natural disasters. The term "loot" carries a negative connotation, as it involves the unlawful acquisition of property, often causing harm, loss, or distress to the rightful owners. The act of looting is universally condemned, as it violates laws and ethical standards, disrupting social order and creating economic and cultural losses. Efforts are made by authorities to recover and return looted items to their rightful owners, promoting justice and restoration.

Example sentences containing loot

1. The thieves made off with a substantial amount of loot from the bank heist.
2. The archaeologists discovered a hidden chamber filled with ancient loot.
3. The police confiscated the stolen loot during the raid on the gang's hideout.
4. The museum showcased a collection of looted artwork that had been recovered.
5. The treasure hunters were excited at the prospect of finding valuable loot in the ancient ruins.
6. The burglars were caught red-handed with bags of loot from the jewelry store.

History and etymology of loot

The noun 'loot' has its etymological origins in the Hindi language, specifically from the word 'lut,' which means 'plunder' or 'robbery.' This term was adopted by British soldiers during the colonization of India and made its way into the English language during the 18th century. 'Loot' has since come to represent valuable items, goods, or money that has been stolen, plundered, or taken by force, typically during times of conflict, looting, or theft. The etymology of 'loot' reflects its historical connection to acts of plunder and robbery, underscoring the often illicit and violent means by which such valuables are acquired, and it serves as a reminder of the word's origins in the context of colonial history.

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Further usage examples of loot

1. The adventurers risked their lives to retrieve the legendary loot hidden in the treacherous cave.
2. The survivors of the shipwreck salvaged what little loot they could from the wreckage.
3. The thieves disguised themselves as maintenance workers to steal the museum's priceless loot.
4. The gang members fought among themselves over the division of the loot.
5. The detective followed the trail of clues that led to the stolen loot.
6. The villagers celebrated when they recovered their stolen livestock and other loot.
7. The police organized a task force to investigate the recent surge in looting and recover the stolen loot.
8. The treasure map promised a trove of hidden loot buried on a remote island.
9. The thieves made off with a hefty loot from the bank heist.
10. Archaeologists uncovered a trove of ancient loot in the buried city.
11. Pirates divided their plundered loot among the crew.
12. The museum displayed a stolen art collection, recovered loot.
13. The treasure hunters searched for buried loot on the island.
14. The burglars escaped with a bag of stolen loot.
15. The bandits hauled away a wagon filled with precious loot.
16. The knights returned from battle with spoils of war, including loot.
17. The thieves discreetly sold their loot on the black market.
18. The treasure map led them to an island rumored to hide valuable loot.
19. The stolen jewels were the most sought-after loot in history.
20. After the riot, shops were left ransacked, and loot was strewn about.
21. The smugglers were caught trying to transport their illegal loot.
22. The rebels raided the armory and fled with arms and ammunition as their loot.
23. The adventurers celebrated their discovery of hidden pirate loot.
24. The detective traced the stolen loot back to the mastermind.
25. The looters ransacked the ancient temple, taking priceless loot.
26. The gang of thieves devised a plan to distribute the stolen loot.
27. The bank vault was emptied overnight in a daring heist, and the loot vanished.
28. The art thieves made headlines when they absconded with a famous painting as their loot.

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