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How to pronounce luxurious (audio)

Dictionary definition of luxurious

Characterized by elegance, opulence, comfort, and extravagance.
"The hotel suite had a luxurious king-size bed and a marble bathroom."

Detailed meaning of luxurious

It refers to a state of being associated with luxury, which entails the availability of lavish and high-quality amenities, materials, or experiences. When something is described as luxurious, it signifies a level of refinement, indulgence, and sophistication that goes beyond basic needs or ordinary standards. It often implies the presence of lavish features, exquisite craftsmanship, or premium quality that enhances the overall experience. Whether it pertains to luxurious accommodations, luxurious fabrics, or luxurious lifestyles, the term "luxurious" conveys a sense of exclusivity, abundance, and the gratification of desires associated with a life of luxury and abundance.

Example sentences containing luxurious

1. She enjoyed a luxurious spa day, indulging in massages and facials.
2. The luxury car had a luxurious interior with plush leather seats.
3. The cruise ship offered luxurious amenities like a swimming pool and gourmet dining.
4. The resort boasted luxurious villas with private pools and stunning ocean views.
5. He treated himself to a luxurious vacation in a five-star hotel.
6. The wealthy couple owned a luxurious mansion with a sprawling garden.

History and etymology of luxurious

The adjective 'luxurious' exudes an aura of opulence, and its etymology reflects this sense of extravagance and comfort. It derives from the Latin word 'luxuriosus,' which was formed from 'luxuria,' meaning 'excess' or 'extravagance.' In Latin, 'luxuria' was often associated with overindulgence and immoderation. Over time, as the word evolved, 'luxurious' came to describe anything characterized by elegance, opulence, and extravagance. This term conveys a sense of abundance and comfort, reflecting a lifestyle that is marked by indulgence and the enjoyment of the finer things in life. The etymology of 'luxurious' thus underscores its historical connection to lavishness and opulence in all aspects of life, from material possessions to experiences.

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Further usage examples of luxurious

1. The spa resort had luxurious hot springs that offered a rejuvenating experience.
2. The luxurious yacht sailed through crystal-clear waters, providing a lavish experience.
3. She draped herself in a luxurious silk gown for the gala event.
4. The boutique hotel offered luxurious accommodations in a charming historic building.
5. The luxurious private jet provided a comfortable and exclusive travel experience.
6. The celebrity enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle, surrounded by designer clothing and fine dining.
7. The luxurious penthouse apartment featured panoramic city views and a rooftop terrace.
8. The spa retreat offered luxurious treatments like aromatherapy massages and body wraps.
9. She enjoyed a luxurious spa day with massages and facials.
10. The penthouse suite offered luxurious amenities and stunning views.
11. His car's leather seats and wood trim gave it a luxurious feel.
12. The cruise ship boasted luxurious cabins with ocean views.
13. The hotel's luxurious bedding ensured a comfortable night's sleep.
14. The lavish mansion featured a luxurious indoor swimming pool.
15. The gourmet restaurant served a luxurious seven-course meal.
16. Her wardrobe was filled with luxurious designer clothing.
17. The luxurious yacht sailed to exotic destinations.
18. The cozy, luxurious cabin in the mountains had a hot tub.
19. The luxurious private jet offered a smooth and comfortable ride.
20. Their honeymoon in a luxurious villa was a dream come true.
21. The spa resort offered luxurious treatments and relaxation.
22. The luxurious silk curtains added elegance to the room.
23. The luxurious bathroom featured a Jacuzzi tub and marble tiles.
24. The luxurious cruise included fine dining and entertainment.
25. The first-class airline experience was truly luxurious.
26. Their vacation in a luxurious beachfront villa was unforgettable.
27. The luxurious train journey through Europe was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
28. The luxurious fur coat kept her warm during the winter.



opulent, spartan, austere, basic


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