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How to pronounce fancy (audio)

Dictionary definition of fancy

Elaborate, ornate, or decorative in nature.
"The restaurant served fancy gourmet dishes prepared by a renowned chef."

Detailed meaning of fancy

It describes objects, designs, or styles that are characterized by intricate details, embellishments, or luxurious elements. When something is considered fancy, it often implies a sense of elegance, sophistication, or opulence. For example, a fancy dress may be adorned with sequins, lace, or intricate embroidery, while a fancy restaurant may have elaborate decor and offer gourmet cuisine. Additionally, 'fancy' can also refer to a person's inclination or preference for something particular, such as having a fancy for a certain type of food or a fancy for a specific hobby. Overall, the term 'fancy' conveys the idea of something visually striking or highly desired due to its impressive and often extravagant qualities.

Example sentences containing fancy

1. She wore a fancy dress to the elegant ball, adorned with sparkling sequins.
2. The extravagant mansion had fancy chandeliers and marble floors.
3. He rented a fancy sports car to impress his date.
4. The fancy wedding invitations were printed on gold-embossed paper.
5. The little girl loved playing dress-up in her fancy princess costume.
6. The hotel room had a fancy jacuzzi and a panoramic view of the city.

History and etymology of fancy

The adjective 'fancy' has an interesting etymology rooted in the Middle English word 'fantasy,' which came from the Old French term 'fantaisie.' 'Fantasy' originally referred to a creative and imaginative mental faculty, reflecting its Latin origin in 'phantasia.' Over time, the meaning of 'fantasy' expanded to include elaborate or ornate decorations and designs that sprang from the imagination. This sense of elaborate and decorative eventually gave rise to the adjective 'fancy' in English, describing something that is adorned with intricate details or decorative elements. The etymology of 'fancy' showcases its evolution from the realm of imagination and creativity to its modern use as a descriptor for things that are elaborately adorned or decorative in nature, reflecting the influence of both Old French and Latin on its development.

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Further usage examples of fancy

1. The fancy dinner party featured a five-course meal with exquisite presentation.
2. The bride wore a fancy tiara adorned with diamonds and pearls.
3. He was proud of his fancy collection of rare vintage coins.
4. The café offered a fancy selection of artisanal pastries and gourmet coffee.
5. The fancy art gallery showcased paintings by renowned artists from around the world.
6. Her fancy, bejeweled gown shimmered under the dazzling chandeliers.
7. The ballroom was adorned with fancy tapestries and gilded mirrors.
8. He ordered a fancy cocktail with a colorful, exotic garnish.
9. The restaurant's fancy menu featured gourmet dishes from around the world.
10. She wore a fancy tiara that sparkled with diamonds and pearls.
11. The vintage car was a fancy, classic beauty from a bygone era.
12. Their fancy mansion boasted grandiose architecture and lush gardens.
13. The wedding cake was a fancy masterpiece of sugar flowers and lace.
14. He admired her fancy, hand-painted porcelain teacup.
15. The cruise ship had a fancy casino with opulent decor.
16. The ballerina's fancy tutu was a breathtaking work of art.
17. The boutique offered a selection of fancy, designer handbags.
18. The theater had a fancy, velvet-lined VIP balcony.
19. The cathedral's stained glass windows were adorned with fancy motifs.
20. The extravagant wedding featured a fancy fireworks display.
21. She donned a fancy, feathered mask for the masquerade ball.
22. Their fancy dinner reservation was at an exclusive, five-star restaurant.
23. The hotel suite had a fancy jacuzzi and panoramic city views.
24. The opera house had a fancy, crystal chandelier as its centerpiece.
25. The garden party featured fancy floral arrangements and elegant table settings.



ornate, plain, simple, austere


TOEFL 10, Enjoyment and Delight, Aesthetic and Appearance

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