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How to pronounce machination (audio)

Dictionary definition of machination

A secret and often complex scheme or plot, typically one that is intended to achieve a nefarious or deceitful goal.
"The machination involved a series of subtle manipulations and deceptions."

Detailed meaning of machination

The term is often used to describe a carefully planned and executed scheme that involves multiple parties and often includes elements of deception and manipulation. Machinations can be political, financial, or personal in nature and are often used to gain power, money, or other advantages. The word is often used in a negative context, and it implies that the plan is deceitful, underhanded, and intended to harm others. The origin of the word is from the Latin "machinatio" which mean "a contrivance, a plan, a scheme".

Example sentences containing machination

1. The machination behind the scenes was finally exposed, revealing a web of deceit.
2. His elaborate machination to gain control of the company was thwarted by vigilant employees.
3. The political leader was known for his intricate machinations to manipulate public opinion.
4. They unraveled the complex machination of the criminal organization, leading to multiple arrests.
5. The machinations of power and greed were evident in the corrupt government.
6. She devised a clever machination to discredit her opponent in the upcoming election.

History and etymology of machination

The noun 'machination' has an etymology that traces its roots to Latin. It derives from the Latin word 'machinatio,' which is formed from 'machina,' meaning 'machine' or 'device.' In its original sense, 'machinatio' referred to the act of contriving or devising a machine or mechanism. Over time, the term evolved to encompass the broader idea of contriving or scheming in a secretive and often complex manner. In English, 'machination' describes a secret and often intricate scheme or plot, typically one that is intended to achieve a nefarious or deceitful goal. The etymology of 'machination' underscores the notion of intricate contrivances or manipulative schemes, highlighting the clandestine and often malicious nature of such plots or plans.

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Further usage examples of machination

1. The detective uncovered a series of machinations designed to frame an innocent person.
2. The group conspired together in their dark machinations to overthrow the ruling regime.
3. His machination involved spreading false rumors to undermine his rival's reputation.
4. They fell victim to a Machiavellian machination orchestrated by a cunning mastermind.
5. The intricacies of their machinations were difficult to untangle.
6. The grand plan unfolded with each calculated machination, leaving no room for error.
7. The secret machinations of the spy network were revealed through careful investigation.
8. She used her intelligence and wit to outmaneuver her adversaries' devious machinations.
9. The machinations of greed and power blinded them to the consequences of their actions.
10. They were caught in a web of political machinations that threatened their safety.
11. The company's downfall was a result of internal machinations and corporate espionage.
12. The detective followed the trail of machinations, determined to bring the culprits to justice.
13. His intricate machination involved manipulating financial markets for personal gain.
14. The villain's machinations were finally exposed, leading to his ultimate downfall.



plot, honesty, forthrightness, transparency


SAT 16 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Guile and Duplicity, Deception and Trickery

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