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How to pronounce maintenance (audio)

Dictionary definition of maintenance

The act or process of preserving, repairing, and upkeeping something to ensure its proper functioning, usability, or appearance.
"The building requires ongoing maintenance to keep it in good condition."

Detailed meaning of maintenance

It encompasses a range of activities undertaken to prevent deterioration, address issues, and sustain the overall quality and performance of an object, system, or infrastructure. Maintenance can involve routine tasks such as inspections, cleaning, lubrication, and calibration to keep things in optimal condition. It also encompasses more extensive repairs, replacements, or upgrades as needed. The goal of maintenance is to prolong the lifespan, efficiency, and reliability of the subject, whether it be physical assets like buildings, machinery, or vehicles, or intangible entities like software or databases. By conducting regular maintenance, potential problems can be identified and resolved early, preventing costly breakdowns, accidents, or disruptions. Maintenance is an essential aspect of responsible ownership, ensuring that resources are utilized effectively, assets are safeguarded, and operations can continue smoothly.

Example sentences containing maintenance

1. Regular maintenance of your car can help prolong its lifespan.
2. The building's maintenance team promptly addressed the plumbing issue.
3. Good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups are essential for oral maintenance.
4. The maintenance of the garden requires pruning, watering, and fertilizing.
5. The aircraft underwent thorough maintenance before its next flight.
6. The maintenance of a healthy lifestyle includes exercise, proper nutrition, and adequate sleep.

History and etymology of maintenance

The term 'maintenance' has a rich etymology that sheds light on its meaning. It finds its origins in the Latin word 'manutenere,' which combines 'manu' meaning 'by hand' and 'tenere' meaning 'to hold.' This ancient origin reflects the essence of 'maintenance' as the act or process of preserving, repairing, and upkeeping something by actively holding it in a particular state. Over time, 'maintenance' has evolved to encompass the practices and activities involved in ensuring the proper functioning, usability, or appearance of various objects, systems, or infrastructure. Its etymology underscores the hands-on nature of this process, where individuals or entities actively work to sustain and safeguard the integrity and functionality of the subject in question.

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Further usage examples of maintenance

1. The apartment complex has a dedicated maintenance staff to handle repairs.
2. Software updates are necessary for the smooth maintenance of computer systems.
3. Regular maintenance of household appliances can prevent breakdowns.
4. The company implemented a strict maintenance schedule for its machinery to avoid costly repairs.
5. Regular maintenance of the car includes oil changes and tire rotations.
6. The computer system crashed due to a lack of proper maintenance.
7. The maintenance of the garden involves pruning, weeding, and watering.
8. The maintenance of the aircraft is conducted by a team of skilled technicians.
9. Proper maintenance of the HVAC system ensures efficient heating and cooling.
10. The company invests in regular maintenance to avoid unexpected equipment failures.
11. The maintenance of the website involves updating content and resolving technical issues.
12. The homeowner hired a maintenance crew to take care of the pool and landscaping.
13. The maintenance of the factory machinery is crucial for uninterrupted production.
14. The maintenance of the historical artifacts requires specialized conservation techniques.
15. Routine maintenance of the power grid helps prevent power outages.



upkeep, neglect, deterioration, decay


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