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How to pronounce maritime (audio)

Dictionary definition of maritime

Associated with the sea or seafaring.
"The maritime museum showcased artifacts and exhibits related to the region's seafaring history."

Detailed meaning of maritime

It specifically refers to things that are connected to navigation, trade, or exploration of the oceans, as well as coastal areas and their resources. "Maritime" can be used to describe industries, laws, or customs related to shipping, fishing, or other maritime activities. It also encompasses the characteristics, climates, or ecosystems found in coastal regions. Additionally, "maritime" can denote a sense of the nautical or seafaring lifestyle, evoking images of ships, sailors, and the vast expanses of the sea. Whether used in a legal, economic, environmental, or cultural context, "maritime" signifies the connection to and importance of the sea as a realm of human activity and exploration.

Example sentences containing maritime

1. The maritime industry plays a crucial role in global trade.
2. They explored the maritime history of the coastal town.
3. Maritime law governs activities and disputes on the high seas.
4. We took a leisurely stroll along the maritime promenade.
5. You can find maritime museums showcasing historical ship artifacts.
6. The maritime climate of the region is known for mild temperatures.

History and etymology of maritime

The adjective 'maritime' has an etymology deeply rooted in its connection to the sea and seafaring. It originates from the Latin word 'maritimus,' which is derived from 'mare,' meaning 'sea.' In Latin, 'maritimus' described anything related to or situated by the sea. Over time, this term evolved into 'maritime' in English, retaining its fundamental association with the sea. Today, 'maritime' is used to describe anything pertaining to or associated with the world of the sea, including activities such as shipping, navigation, trade, and exploration. Its etymology highlights its historical ties to the maritime world and underscores its relevance in discussions related to coastal regions, oceans, and the broader realm of maritime affairs.

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Further usage examples of maritime

1. They participated in a maritime training program to become sailors.
2. The maritime patrol vessel conducted surveillance in territorial waters.
3. We admired the maritime architecture of the seaside village.
4. The maritime academy offers courses in navigation and shipbuilding.
5. They studied maritime charts to plan their sailing route.
6. The maritime border between the two countries is disputed.
7. You should check the maritime forecast before heading out to sea.
8. They enjoyed a maritime festival celebrating the town's nautical heritage.
9. The maritime trade routes connected continents and facilitated commerce.
10. We embarked on a maritime adventure aboard a luxury cruise ship.
11. You can pursue a career in maritime logistics or marine engineering.
12. They attended a maritime conference to discuss sustainable fishing practices.
13. The maritime industry employs thousands of seafarers worldwide.
14. We learned about maritime traditions and folklore from local fishermen.



oceanic, inland, terrestrial, non-nautical


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