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How to pronounce nautical (audio)

Dictionary definition of nautical

Relating to ships, sailing, or the sea.
"The nautical charts were essential for navigation on the open sea."

Detailed meaning of nautical

It can refer to the technical and practical aspects of seafaring, such as navigation, seamanship, and the use of maritime equipment, as well as the culture and lifestyle associated with life at sea. The term is derived from the Latin word "nauticus," which means "of ships." In literature, nautical themes often appear in works that take place at sea or involve seafaring characters, such as sailors, pirates, or naval officers. In everyday use, "nautical" can refer to anything related to ships, sailing, or the sea, such as nautical charts, nautical miles, or nautical flags. It can also refer to decorative items or clothing that feature maritime motifs, or to a style or aesthetic that evokes the sea, such as nautical stripes or nautical-themed home decor.

Example sentences containing nautical

1. The seaside restaurant had a charming nautical theme.
2. She wore a nautical striped dress to the beach party.
3. His bedroom was decorated with nautical charts and models of ancient ships.
4. The museum held an exhibit showcasing nautical instruments from the 18th century.
5. The novel was a gripping tale of nautical adventure and pirate treachery.
6. They enjoyed a beautiful nautical sunset while sailing in the Pacific.

History and etymology of nautical

The adjective 'nautical' finds its origins in the Latin word 'nauticus,' which is derived from 'nauta,' meaning 'sailor' or 'seaman.' In the ancient world, Latin was the language of seafaring and navigation, and this influence is reflected in the development of the term 'nautical.' Over time, 'nauticus' evolved to describe anything related to ships, sailing, or the sea. This Latin root was later adopted into Old French as 'nautique,' and eventually, it became the English word 'nautical.' Thus, the etymology of 'nautical' underscores its strong connection to the world of ships, sailors, and all things associated with maritime activities and the sea.

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Further usage examples of nautical

1. The party decorations had a nautical motif, with anchors and seashells scattered around.
2. The painting captured the nautical life of sailors in the 19th century.
3. His passion for nautical exploration led him to become a deep-sea diver.
4. The antique shop had a variety of nautical artifacts from old shipwrecks.
5. I love the simplicity and freshness of the nautical color scheme in your living room.
6. The restaurant's nautical decor, complete with fishnets and life rings, felt very authentic.
7. The book provides a detailed nautical history of the East India Company.
8. The nautical terms used in the movie were accurate and educational.
9. His collection of nautical maps was both fascinating and extensive.
10. She bought a nautical-themed souvenir from the gift shop near the marina.
11. The captain's nautical experience proved invaluable during the storm.
12. The new maritime museum will feature a variety of nautical exhibits.
13. His nautical attire, complete with a captain's hat, made him stand out at the costume party.
14. The nautical lifestyle is not for everyone, but those who love it wouldn't trade it for anything.



maritime, inland, terrestrial, land-based


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