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How to pronounce meagre (audio)

Dictionary definition of meagre

Deficient in quantity, size, quality, or substance, to the point of being insufficient or inadequate for its intended purpose.
"He lived on a meagre income, struggling to make ends meet."

Detailed meaning of meagre

When something is characterized as meagre, it signifies a lack or scarcity that may leave it falling far short of what is considered ample or satisfactory. This term is frequently used to describe limited food portions, meagre incomes, meagre supplies, or meagre support, emphasizing the insufficiency and often unsatisfactory nature of the subject in question. "Meagre" underscores the idea of a notable deficiency or scarcity, highlighting the need for more or better resources to meet a particular need or standard.

Example sentences containing meagre

1. The company was facing financial difficulties due to its meagre profits.
2. The harvest was meagre due to the drought.
3. He was a middle aged man earning a meager salary, trapped in a life of quiet desperation.
4. The soup kitchen was providing a meagre meal for the homeless.
5. The company's resources were meagre, making it hard for them to compete.
6. He was able to survive on his meagre savings for a short period of time.

History and etymology of meagre

The adjective 'meagre' has its origins in Old French, where it was spelled as 'maigre.' It is believed to have been influenced by the Latin word 'macer,' which means 'thin' or 'lean.' In Old French, 'maigre' originally described something that was physically thin or lean. Over time, the term's meaning broadened to include the figurative sense of being deficient in quantity, size, quality, or substance, to the point of being insufficient or inadequate for its intended purpose. The etymology of 'meagre' reflects the concept of thinness or leanness, and by extension, a lack of abundance or adequacy in various aspects, highlighting its association with insufficiency and inadequacy.

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Further usage examples of meagre

1. The book's contents were considered meagre and lacking depth
2. The compensation package was meagre and did not meet the expectations of the employees
3. The support provided by the government was meagre and insufficient
4. The artist's collection was meagre and failed to impress the critics
5. The company's efforts to cut costs resulted in meagre savings.
6. The funding for the project was meagre, making it hard to achieve its objectives.
7. Their meager savings were not enough to cover the medical bills.
8. The meal they served was meager, leaving everyone hungry.
9. His meager attempt at an apology did little to mend the relationship.
10. The meager supply of clean water posed a serious health risk.
11. The meager information available made it difficult to solve the mystery.
12. Despite their hard work, their income remained meager.
13. The refugee camp had meager resources to support the displaced families.
14. Her meager salary made it challenging to afford basic necessities.
15. The meager attendance at the event was disappointing.
16. The meager selection of books in the library was insufficient.
17. His meager contributions to the project were not enough.
18. They survived on a meager diet during the tough times.
19. The meager light of the candle barely illuminated the room.
20. The meager details of the plan raised doubts about its viability.
21. Her meager possessions fit into a small suitcase.
22. The meager amount of evidence led to an inconclusive verdict.
23. The meager support from the community was disheartening.
24. The meager rain failed to replenish the parched land.
25. Their meager efforts to resolve the dispute fell short.
26. The meager turnout at the charity event was unexpected.



scant, abundant, plentiful, copious


SAT 7 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Middle School 7, Reduce and Weaken, Absence and Lack

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