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How to pronounce methodical (audio)

Dictionary definition of methodical

Characterized by a systematic and orderly method or procedure.
"The scientist conducted the experiment in a methodical and precise manner."

Detailed meaning of methodical

When someone is described as methodical, it implies that they are precise, deliberate, and thorough in their actions, carefully following a structured plan or routine to achieve their goals. Methodical individuals are often known for their attention to detail, their organized thought processes, and their disciplined work habits. This term conveys a sense of reliability and efficiency, emphasizing the importance of a well-thought-out approach in various endeavors, whether it's problem-solving, research, or daily tasks. Methodical approaches can lead to consistent and predictable outcomes, making them particularly valuable in fields where accuracy and precision are essential.

Example sentences containing methodical

1. She tackled the project in a methodical and organized manner.
2. The detective's methodical approach helped him solve the case.
3. The accountant was praised for her methodical approach to financial planning.
4. The chef's methodical preparation of ingredients resulted in a perfectly cooked meal.
5. The engineer's methodical approach to problem-solving ensured a successful outcome.
6. The gardener took a methodical approach to planting the seeds in precise rows.

History and etymology of methodical

The adjective 'methodical' has its roots in the Greek word 'methodos,' which combines 'meta' (beyond) and 'hodos' (way or path). It entered the English language in the late 16th century. 'Methodical' describes something that is characterized by a systematic and orderly method or procedure. The etymology of 'methodical' effectively conveys the essence of following a structured and deliberate approach to achieve a particular goal or outcome. Whether applied to a methodical approach to problem-solving, a methodical organization of data, or a methodical cleaning routine, this term underscores the emphasis on careful planning and a systematic way of doing things to achieve efficiency and precision.

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Further usage examples of methodical

1. The coach's methodical training plan helped the team improve their performance.
2. The teacher's methodical lesson plan ensured that all students were engaged and learning.
3. The artist took a methodical approach to creating her masterpiece, carefully planning each stroke of the brush.
4. The writer's methodical research process resulted in a well-researched and informative article.
5. The programmer's methodical coding style made it easy to maintain and update the software.
6. The detective meticulously followed a methodical process to gather evidence.
7. The scientist conducted a methodical experiment, ensuring precise measurements and controlled variables.
8. The accountant organized the financial records in a methodical manner for easy reference.
9. The surgeon approached the operation with a methodical precision, minimizing risks and complications.
10. The project manager devised a methodical plan to ensure all tasks were completed on time.
11. The researcher analyzed the data in a methodical manner, uncovering patterns and trends.
12. The librarian maintained a methodical cataloging system for efficient retrieval of books.
13. The engineer implemented a methodical approach to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.
14. The teacher guided the students through a methodical step-by-step process to solve complex equations.
15. The chess player played with a methodical strategy, considering each move carefully.
16. The gardener followed a methodical planting schedule, ensuring optimal growth and bloom times.
17. The writer approached the novel with a methodical structure, outlining chapters and plot points.
18. The chef meticulously measured ingredients and followed a methodical recipe for consistent flavors.
19. The architect developed a methodical design process, considering functionality and aesthetics.
20. The technician followed a methodical troubleshooting procedure to identify and fix the problem.
21. The athlete practiced with a methodical training regimen, focusing on specific skills and drills.
22. The painter applied layers of paint with a methodical brushstroke technique, creating depth and texture.
23. The statistician analyzed data sets in a methodical manner, using statistical models and algorithms.
24. The seamstress sewed each garment with methodical attention to detail, ensuring precise stitching.
25. The historian conducted a methodical review of historical documents, piecing together an accurate account of events.



systematic, haphazard, random, disorganized


Accuracy and Precision, Tactical Maneuvers and Control, Order and System, Arrangement and Order

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