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How to pronounce efficient (audio)


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Dictionary definition of efficient

Achieving maximum productivity or effectiveness with minimal wasted effort, resources, or time.
"The efficient design of the building maximized natural light and minimized energy consumption."

Detailed meaning of efficient

It refers to the ability to accomplish a task or achieve a goal in the most optimal and streamlined manner. An efficient process or system is one that is well-organized, economical, and capable of producing desired results promptly and with minimal errors or inefficiencies. Efficiency often implies the ability to use resources wisely, such as energy, materials, or manpower, to maximize output or performance. In various contexts, such as business, technology, or daily life, being efficient is highly valued as it leads to higher productivity, cost savings, and overall effectiveness. An efficient person or organization is adept at planning, organizing, and executing tasks in a manner that minimizes waste and achieves desired outcomes in the most effective and timely way possible.

Example sentences containing efficient

1. The new software system streamlined our workflow, making it more efficient.
2. The energy-efficient appliances helped reduce our electricity bills.
3. She is an efficient manager who knows how to delegate tasks effectively.
4. The efficient use of resources allowed the company to increase its profitability.
5. The efficient public transportation system made commuting a breeze.
6. By implementing efficient manufacturing processes, the company was able to reduce production costs.

History and etymology of efficient

The adjective 'efficient' has an etymology rooted in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'efficiens,' which is the present participle of 'efficere.' 'Efficere' is a combination of 'ex,' meaning 'out of,' and 'facere,' meaning 'to make' or 'to do.' Therefore, the etymology of 'efficient' conveys the idea of achieving maximum productivity or effectiveness with minimal wasted effort, resources, or time, as if something has been skillfully made or done to produce the desired results. 'Efficient' describes processes, systems, or individuals that can accomplish tasks or goals in an organized and effective manner, highlighting their ability to optimize resources and minimize inefficiencies. This word reflects the concept of achieving efficiency through the judicious use of available means to achieve desired ends.

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Further usage examples of efficient

1. He is known for his efficient problem-solving skills and quick decision-making.
2. The team worked efficiently to meet the project deadline ahead of schedule.
3. The efficient packaging of the product minimized waste and reduced environmental impact.
4. The efficient use of space in the small apartment made it feel much larger.
5. With an efficient customer service team, the company responded promptly to inquiries and resolved issues efficiently.
6. The efficient use of resources reduced production costs.
7. The new software made our work processes more efficient.
8. An efficient transportation system is vital for a thriving city.
9. Efficient time management can boost productivity.
10. The efficient design of the building minimized energy consumption.
11. Her efficient leadership streamlined the project.
12. Efficient communication is crucial in a fast-paced world.
13. The efficient algorithm improved data analysis.
14. The kitchen layout is designed for efficient meal preparation.
15. The efficient use of space maximized storage in the small apartment.
16. An efficient supply chain is essential for a successful business.
17. The efficient delivery service ensured on-time arrivals.
18. His efficient problem-solving skills impressed the team.
19. The efficient irrigation system conserved water in the garden.
20. Efficient customer service enhances customer satisfaction.
21. The efficient recycling program reduced waste.
22. The car's fuel-efficient engine saved money on gas.
23. An efficient workflow minimizes bottlenecks and delays.
24. The efficient use of technology streamlined administrative tasks.
25. Efficient decision-making is key to effective leadership.



productive, inefficient, wasteful, ineffective


Development and Refinement, Utility and Advancement, Scientific and Methodical, Appropriate and Suitable, Insight and Intrigue, Nuance and Precision, Diligence and Thoroughness, Endeavor and Pursuit, Pinnacle and Perfection, Education and Mastery

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