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How to pronounce peak (audio)

Dictionary definition of peak

The pointed or highest part of a mountain, hill, or any elevated area.
"The musician's career reached its peak when her song soared to the top of the charts."

Detailed meaning of peak

It represents the summit or topmost point of a geological formation. The peak is often characterized by its distinct shape and prominence, standing out amidst the surrounding landscape. It can also be used metaphorically to describe the pinnacle or highest point of achievement or success in various contexts. Just as a mountain peak rises above its base, the noun 'peak' embodies the notion of reaching a culmination or climax, whether in personal endeavors, professional pursuits, or even the progression of events. The concept of a peak carries a sense of aspiration, challenge, and the pursuit of greatness. It represents a moment of triumph, where one's efforts have led to the attainment of a goal or the realization of a long-cherished dream.

Example sentences containing peak

1. From the top of the peak, we marveled at the breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.
2. The hikers celebrated their successful ascent to the peak with joyful shouts and high-fives.
3. The mountaineer had a sense of accomplishment as he reached the peak after a grueling climb.
4. The sun cast a golden glow on the snow-covered peak, creating a picturesque scene.
5. We set up our camp at the base of the peak and prepared for the challenging climb the next day.
6. The ski resort was bustling with activity as people flocked to the slopes to conquer the majestic peaks.

History and etymology of peak

The noun 'peak,' referring to the pointed or highest part of a mountain, hill, or elevated area, has an intriguing etymology. It can be traced back to the Middle English word 'pek' or 'pike,' which meant a sharp point or summit. This Middle English term is believed to have been influenced by the Old English 'peac,' which also meant a peak or summit. Both 'pek' and 'peac' are thought to have originated from the Old Norse word 'pík,' signifying a pointed mountain. The use of 'peak' to describe the highest point of a mountain or hill reflects its historical connection to the notion of sharpness and elevation. Over time, this word has become integral to describing the pinnacle of natural landscapes, emphasizing the pointed and towering aspect of these geographical features.

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Further usage examples of peak

1. As the temperature dropped, the mountaineers donned their warmest gear to brave the icy conditions on the peak.
2. The mountaintop restaurant offered a stunning dining experience with breathtaking views of the neighboring peaks.
3. With each step, the mountaineer inched closer to the elusive peak, fueled by determination and a spirit of adventure.
4. The mountaineering team meticulously planned their route to the peak, considering weather conditions and safety measures.
5. As the sun began to set behind the distant peaks, the hikers descended from the summit, cherishing the memories of their journey.
6. At sunrise, we reached the peak, gazing at the breathtaking view.
7. The mountain's snow-covered peak was a challenging climb.
8. From the peak, we could see the entire valley below.
9. The rocky peak was a formidable obstacle for the climbers.
10. We hiked to the peak and celebrated with a picnic.
11. The helicopter flew close to the mountain's peak.
12. A mist shrouded the peak, adding an air of mystery.
13. The peak's jagged edges were a sight to behold.
14. The climbers finally conquered the treacherous peak.
15. From the peak, the world seemed vast and limitless.
16. The trail led us straight to the mountain's peak.
17. The peak was obscured by thick clouds today.
18. The eagle circled high above the mountain peak.
19. We reached the peak just as the sun began to set.
20. The peak offered a panoramic view of the valley.
21. The peak was the highest point we had ever reached.
22. Climbing to the peak was an exhilarating adventure.
23. The peak's sheer cliffs were a challenge to ascend.
24. The mountaineers camped near the peak for the night.
25. We reached the peak, feeling a sense of accomplishment.



summit, base, bottom, nadir


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