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How to pronounce mirth (audio)

Dictionary definition of mirth

A feeling of great joy, amusement, and happiness, often accompanied by laughter or cheerful expressions.
"The party was full of mirth and good cheer."

Detailed meaning of mirth

It is the state of being amused and finding delight in humorous or entertaining situations, jokes, or experiences. Mirth is characterized by a sense of light-heartedness and an absence of worry or sadness, making it a valuable and uplifting emotion in the human experience. It can be contagious, spreading joy to those who witness it or participate in it, and it often plays a significant role in social gatherings, celebrations, and moments of shared happiness. Mirth is a fundamental aspect of human life, enhancing our well-being and strengthening social bonds through shared laughter and amusement.

Example sentences containing mirth

1. His sizable frame began to jiggle with mirth.
2. He was a lovable bundle of energy and mirth.
3. His hilarious impersonations produced much mirth among the audience.
4. The fumbled announcement was greeted with much hilarity and mirth.
5. The slip of the tongue caused considerable mirth amongst teachers and pupils alike.
6. The sound of his laughter filled the room with mirth.

History and etymology of mirth

The noun 'mirth' has its etymological origins in Old English, where it was known as 'myrgð,' which meant 'joy,' 'pleasure,' or 'gladness.' This Old English term is believed to have been influenced by the Old Norse word 'myrgð,' which carried a similar meaning. Both of these words likely share a common Germanic root. The concept of 'mirth' has been associated with feelings of great joy, amusement, and happiness, often accompanied by laughter or cheerful expressions throughout its history. Its etymology reflects the inherent connection between the word and the joyful and delightful emotions it describes, making it a fitting term to convey a sense of happiness and cheerfulness.

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Further usage examples of mirth

1. His impersonations of the team were a source of considerable mirth.
2. When I retold the story everyone chortled with mirth.
3. She couldn't help but burst into fits of mirth at his silly joke.
4. His antics brought mirth to all those around him.
5. She had a natural ability to bring mirth to any situation.
6. He found himself smiling with mirth at her witty remark.
7. Their banter was filled with mirth and laughter.
8. The comic's jokes brought mirth to the audience.
9. His mischievous grin was a sign of the mirth within him.
10. The children's giggles were a sign of their mirth.
11. She radiated mirth and happiness wherever she went.
12. The playful puppy's antics brought mirth to the household.
13. The children's laughter filled the park with infectious mirth.
14. Her witty jokes brought moments of shared mirth to the group.
15. The comedy show was a source of genuine mirth for the audience.
16. The unexpected surprise party sparked waves of mirth and delight.
17. Their shared memories of the past filled the room with nostalgic mirth.
18. The sight of puppies playing together always brings smiles and mirth.
19. The holiday season is a time for family, love, and mirth.
20. A good book can transport readers to worlds filled with mirth and adventure.
21. The wedding reception was a celebration of love and mirth.
22. The comedic actor's performance was met with uproarious mirth.
23. The humorous anecdotes shared around the campfire added to the mirth.
24. The shared laughter during the game night created a bond of mirth.
25. A walk in the sunshine often brings a sense of contented mirth.
26. The mirth in the room was palpable during the surprise announcement.
27. Their playful banter added to the overall sense of mirth.
28. The annual festival is a time of music, dancing, and shared mirth.
29. The arrival of the first snowfall filled the town with childlike mirth.
30. Watching a comedy show is a great way to unwind and enjoy some mirth.
31. The shared mirth of a good meal with friends is a special experience.
32. His jokes and humor never failed to bring moments of mirth to those around him.



hilarity, sadness, gloom, misery


Enjoyment and Indulgence, Middle School 16, Joy and Playfulness

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