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How to pronounce misdate (audio)

Dictionary definition of misdate

To incorrectly assign or indicate a date to something.
"I need to be careful not to misdate my journal entries."

Detailed meaning of misdate

It involves the unintentional or deliberate error of recording or identifying the date of an event, document, or object. Misdating can occur due to various reasons, such as confusion, oversight, or a lack of accurate information. It may involve mistakenly assigning a date that is earlier or later than the actual date of the occurrence or creation. Misdating can lead to inaccuracies in historical records, legal documents, or other chronological references. It can also cause confusion or misinterpretation when trying to establish timelines or understand the sequence of events. Misdating can be corrected by accurately identifying and rectifying the error, ensuring that the correct date is recorded or indicated to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the information.

Example sentences containing misdate

1. They accidentally misdate the letter as yesterday instead of today.
2. Please do not misdate the documents; accuracy is crucial.
3. It is important to double-check and not misdate important forms.
4. She realized she had misdated her diary entry and had to correct the mistake.
5. The librarian discovered that the book's publication year had been misdated in the catalog.
6. He misdated the check, causing a delay in the payment.

History and etymology of misdate

The verb 'misdate' can be dissected etymologically into two components: 'mis-' and 'date.' The prefix 'mis-' is derived from the Old English and Old High German word 'mis,' meaning 'wrong' or 'incorrect.' It aligns with the Latin prefix 'mis-' or 'miss-,' signifying error or incorrectness. On the other hand, the word 'date' has its origins in the Middle English term 'daten,' which was borrowed from the Old French 'date,' ultimately tracing its roots to the Latin word 'data,' referring to a given or assigned time. Therefore, when combined, 'misdate' embodies the action of incorrectly assigning or indicating a date to something, reflecting an error or inaccuracy in temporal reference.

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Further usage examples of misdate

1. The archaeologist misdated the artifact, mistakenly attributing it to an earlier period.
2. The letter was misdated, causing confusion regarding the timeline of events.
3. They misdated the contract, resulting in discrepancies in the agreed-upon terms.
4. The newspaper article misdated the event, leading to inaccuracies in the report.
5. The artist misdated the painting on the canvas, realizing the error only later.
6. The document was misdated by the clerk, causing issues during the legal proceedings.
7. The researcher misdated the source material, which impacted the accuracy of their findings.
8. The photograph was misdated in the archive, making it difficult to establish its historical context.
9. She didn't mean to misdate the letter; it was an honest mistake.
10. The historian realized he had misdated the ancient manuscript.
11. I accidentally misdated my diary entry for yesterday.
12. Please don't misdate the important contract documents.
13. The computer system can easily misdate files if not configured correctly.
14. He misdated the event by a whole week on the calendar.
15. Her careless error caused her to misdate the check by a month.
16. The antique dealer suspected someone had misdated the painting.
17. The museum curator was horrified to find they had misdated the exhibit.
18. It's essential not to misdate the historical artifacts during restoration.
19. The library mistakenly misdated the rare book's publication year.
20. He had to reprint the invitations after misdating the wedding date.
21. The professor caught the student trying to misdate the research paper.
22. The archaeologist realized they had misdated the ancient pottery shards.
23. The detective suspected foul play when he found a misdated document.
24. The software bug caused the computer to misdate all the files.
25. They decided to reissue the press release after misdating it.
26. The journalist didn't want to misdate the breaking news story.
27. The author had to correct the manuscript after misdating a key event.
28. I hope I didn't misdate the expiration date on this food item.



mislabel, accurately date, correctly date, date precisely


Prefix mis-, SAT 16 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Accuracy and Precision, Unclear and Uncertain

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