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How to pronounce misfit (audio)

Dictionary definition of misfit

A person who does not fit in with the norms, expectations, or values of a particular group or society.
"She felt like a misfit in the corporate world, yearning for a more creative career."

Detailed meaning of misfit

It is often used to describe someone who is seen as an outsider or who does not conform to the established norms or conventions of a particular community. When someone is described as a misfit, it implies a sense of difference or otherness, and can be seen as both positive and negative, depending on the context. Misfit can also be used to describe an object or thing that is unsuitable or not appropriate for a particular use or purpose, such as a misfit puzzle piece or a misfit tool. Overall, misfit is a term used to describe something or someone that is out of place, out of sync, or not in line with the expectations or norms of a particular group or society.

Example sentences containing misfit

1. He felt like a misfit in the new environment, unable to fit in with his peers.
2. The company was known for hiring misfits and outsiders, valuing their unique perspectives.
3. She considered herself a misfit, not fitting in with the mainstream.
4. The movie's protagonist was a misfit, struggling to find acceptance in society.
5. He was a misfit, feeling disconnected from his family and community.
6. Peter is a social misfit and has a hard time making friends.

History and etymology of misfit

The noun 'misfit' combines two distinct elements in its etymology. The first part, 'mis-,' is a prefix that indicates a sense of wrongness or error, often seen in words like 'misbehave' or 'misinterpret.' The second part, 'fit,' comes from the Old English word 'fitt,' which originally meant a song or a division of a poem. Over time, 'fit' evolved to refer to suitability or conformity. Therefore, the etymology of 'misfit' implies a sense of being inappropriately or incorrectly suited, aligning with its modern usage to describe a person who does not fit in with the norms, expectations, or values of a particular group or society. The term reflects the idea of someone who is out of sync or not in harmony with their surroundings or the prevailing standards.

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Further usage examples of misfit

1. The group was made up of misfits, each with their own unique backgrounds and experiences.
2. She was a misfit, not fitting in with the expectations of her parents.
3. The band's music was popular among misfits and outsiders.
4. The school was known for its population of misfits and nonconformists.
5. He was a misfit, not conforming to the expectations of his peers
6. The misfit's unique perspective and ideas were valued by the company.
7. The misfit in the group always stood out because of his unique style.
8. The teacher noticed that the misfit student was struggling with the coursework.
9. The misfit at the party wore a costume that didn't match the theme.
10. He was often labeled as a misfit due to his unconventional ideas.
11. The misfit found solace in a community of like-minded individuals.
12. Despite being a misfit in high school, he went on to achieve great success.
13. The misfit's artwork was displayed in a gallery, celebrating his uniqueness.
14. The misfit in the family was the black sheep who followed a different path.
15. The misfit in the band added an unconventional element to their music.
16. The misfit's wit and humor made them the life of the party.
17. She became friends with the misfit because she appreciated their authenticity.

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outcast, conformist, insider, traditionalist



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