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How to pronounce anomaly (audio)

Dictionary definition of anomaly

Something that deviates from what is considered to be normal or expected.
"The data point was an anomaly and was removed from the analysis."

Detailed meaning of anomaly

It can refer to a deviation from the typical pattern or trend, something that is out of the ordinary, or something that does not conform to the established rules or laws. The term can be used in many different fields such as science, mathematics, technology, and social sciences.

In science, an anomaly may refer to an observation or data that cannot be easily explained by current theories or laws. For example, a planet that orbits its star in the opposite direction of its rotation is considered an anomaly. In mathematics, an anomaly can refer to a problem or a situation that does not conform to the established rules or formulas. In technology, an anomaly can refer to a malfunction or a problem in a system that deviates from its normal operation.

Anomaly can also be used to describe a person or a behavior that deviates from the norm or is considered to be unusual, such as an anomaly in human behavior. It can also be used in a more general sense, such as an anomaly in the weather, referring to an unusual weather condition or event.

Overall, the term anomaly is used to describe something that is not usual, or does not conform to what is considered normal or expected.

Example sentences of anomaly

1. The sudden temperature drop was an anomaly for this time of year.
2. The scientist was intrigued by the unexpected anomaly in the data.
3. Detecting an anomaly in the system, the technician quickly investigated the issue.
4. The strange behavior of the animal was considered an anomaly among its species.
5. The financial market experienced an anomaly that left experts puzzled.
6. The meteorologist studied the atmospheric anomaly that caused the unusual weather pattern.

History and etymology of anomaly

The noun 'anomaly' has its etymological origins in Greek. It is a combination of the Greek words 'an,' meaning 'not,' and 'homalos,' meaning 'even' or 'uniform.' When combined, 'anomaly' literally means 'not even' or 'irregular.' In English, 'anomaly' refers to something that deviates from what is considered to be normal or expected. It suggests an exception to the rule, a deviation from the standard, or an irregularity that stands out due to its uniqueness or peculiarity. 'Anomaly' can be applied to a wide range of contexts, from science and statistics to everyday observations, to describe anything that defies the typical or expected patterns or norms.

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Further usage examples of anomaly

1. The historical record showed an anomaly in the timeline, raising questions about its accuracy.
2. The medical test results revealed an anomaly that required further examination.
3. The computer algorithm detected an anomaly in the network traffic, indicating a potential breach.
4. The detective noted an anomaly in the witness's testimony, leading to further investigation.
5. The star's erratic brightness was identified as a stellar anomaly by astronomers.
6. The archaeological site contained an artifact that was considered an anomaly for its time.
7. The linguistic anomaly in the text suggested a possible translation error.
8. The geologist studied the geological anomaly, trying to understand its formation.
9. The political scientist analyzed the electoral anomaly that led to unexpected results.
10. The rare genetic anomaly resulted in the plant having unusually colored flowers.
11. The financial analyst noticed an anomaly in the company's earnings report, prompting a closer look.
12. The spacecraft's trajectory was affected by an anomaly in the gravitational field.
13. The historian discovered an anomaly in the census data that challenged previous assumptions.
14. The electrical engineer investigated the power grid after detecting an anomaly in the voltage levels.


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